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makeup is part of my life but so are allergies and inflammation [Skyezee FashionFit]

Makeup Is Part Of My Life, But Allergies And Inflammation Are Too. Here’s How To Quickly Take Ownership Of Your Wellbeing With Just 5 Easy Steps

Whether or not you’re wearing full faces of makeup, your reason for wearing it is probably the same. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with expressing yourself through your beauty! But if you’re like me and allergies or inflammation have always been part of your life then you’ve got to choose your products wisely. Hopefully, my story about allergies will help you to make better decisions about your current makeup choices immediately.

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makeup, kerotaconus and eye health [skyezee fashionfit]
Eye Health

Makeup And Keratoconus: Can Eye Makeup Drastically Effect Your Health? Here’s Everything You Need To Know In 1 Simple Blog Post

Makeup is not just a product that makes you look beautiful, it may also be a health hazard, and here’s why we ALL no matter our eye health, need to be discerning. However, since I have Keratoconus and many others too, let’s explain what it is first. Keratoconus is an eye disease that many people live with, including myself, which is why we need to discuss it more openly in greater detail. Whether or not you struggle with Keratoconus (quite a mouthful I know) you should take what makeup products you’re using on your eyes, very seriously. Especially with COVID-19 and all the mask-wearing, there’s no doubt that most ladies are making their eyes a priority in terms of beauty.

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Budokon Yoga [Skyezee FashionFit]
Becoming Budokon

Budokon Yoga, Martial Arts, Calisthenics And My Exciting Journey To Becoming A Certified Budokon Practitioner And Teacher

Budokon in Japanese means “the way of the warrior spirit.” It is a Mixed Martial Arts system that Cameron Shayne, who’s originally from North Carolina, created in 2000. From the moment I laid eyes on this practice, my heart has been set. For most of my life, I’ve loved movement. I first realized this about myself during my time as a Dancer, which was for most of my school career. Then along my journey whilst exploring my passions for movement and health I discovered Budokon.

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body image [skyezee fashionfit]

Body Image Stress And 5 Tips To Stop It

Body image is a very fleeting thing, mainly because how we feel about ourselves changes day-to-day. However, it really depends on the kind of person you are. Some people are lucky and have a really good image of themselves, but for others not so much. In reality, all of us have good days and bad days with our bodies. But, some of us have a slightly tougher time trying to accept what we are born with.

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