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ultimate women's health tips guide [skyezee fashionfit]

16 Ultimate Women’s Health Tips For The Mind, Body, And Soul To Confidently Look And Feel Beautiful For Longer in 2021

Think of this as the ultimate women’s health tips guide for a longer, healthier, and happier life. I’m covering everything from your heart health to your exercise routine, to your social life and beauty routine, and most importantly, establishing a healthy mind. This post is dedicated to every strong and beautiful woman who exists and a reminder that we are all warriors and have the ability to create our own realities, healthy lives, and dreams. We’re not victims, but leaders in our own creations, deepest desires, and visions.

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makeup is part of my life but so are allergies and inflammation [Skyezee FashionFit]

Makeup Is Part Of My Life, But Allergies And Inflammation Are Too. Here’s How To Quickly Take Ownership Of Your Wellbeing With Just 5 Easy Steps

Whether or not you’re wearing full faces of makeup, your reason for wearing it is probably the same. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with expressing yourself through your beauty! But if you’re like me and allergies or inflammation have always been part of your life then you’ve got to choose your products wisely. Hopefully, my story about allergies will help you to make better decisions about your current makeup choices immediately.

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