Why You Need THE ONE Question, To Persevere With Your Goals

by Skye Kimberley Mallon

Everything we need to persevere is living inside of us. Can you believe that? You have the power within you to achieve any goal, dream or desire. I’m being serious. Just choosing to sit with yourself for only 30 minutes a day will make a big impact.

Enjoying the journey to self-improvement means doing some inner work. Ask yourself, ‘what do I truly want, right now, at this current moment?’ You might be very surprised at what you learn.  It’s often very easy to give up when a goal is challenging. However, defining your ‘ONE QUESTION’ will help drive you forward. To be a little grittier and persevere with your mission.

After being a coach in the wellness world, I have seen so many people give up after the smallest hiccup. I want to help you build stamina and create a resilience that’ll see you through anything.

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Develop Your Perseverance Reassurance Mantra

After I spent days doubting every choice I had made. And believing my own self-limitations. Questioning how I was going to push through some of the most difficult times I’d come across. After failing so many times, trying to reach my dream body, my dream business and my dream life. Setting the bar to impossible standards, it seemed impossible to be resilient.

What is the one thing you’d do differently right now, if you were really brave?

Something inside of me clicked. This reassuring driving force to continue and grit-it-out. I had everything I needed within me to achieve excellence in life. There’s no point in settling for mediocrity when you can STRIVE for the best. 

Knowing this deep down, reminded me that irrespective of the circumstances happening around me. They shouldn’t affect what I’m trying to achieve. Whatever this might be for you, you’ve got to grit-it-out. It’s easy to give you a goal or dream, but it’s the journey to get there that nobody talks about. I know, as women, we often set the bar so high that we are extremely hard on ourselves. Especially when the journey there isn’t going too well.

Be Gentle On Yourself

It’s understandable to feel really STUCK along the way. And I know how badly you want to just ‘get there.’ You want that perfect body NOW. Or to feel beautiful and fit NOW. Maybe you want to be the perfect mom? Perhaps you want to own a high-ticket business and still be able to cook amazingly healthy meals every night?

persevere but be gentle on yourself [skyezee fashionfit]

Not that these are impossible goals. You can get them all. However, life is not a straight-forward path. Tons of emotions come into the picture, mental health issues, finances and many other factors. All of which can compromise our ability to remain focused, self-confident or EXCITED about the journey to our goals. It makes it pretty tough to persevere, right?

You may even spiral down a hole of intense OVERWHELM. Feeling overwhelmed equals stress. This can be paralysing to a point where you feel like you have to give up and stop trying.

Do You Often Experience Overwhelm Paralysis?

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling completely paralysed by overwhelm. But life has a way of opening us up to new challenges in a variety of ways. Therefore, we must learn to cope and not allow challenges to deter us from our goals. Does this sound like something you have been experiencing? I know it’s happened to me so many times.

You have the power within yourself to STOP this viscious cycle right now.

Ask Yourself The ONE Question

The ONE question you need to ask yourself every time you feel this cycle manifesting. This question will empower you so much so that an innate driving force will kick-in despite those really DOWN times. You will be able to GRIT-IT-OUT and build a resilience like never before. Ultimately, you will have the ability to adapt to any situation.

To persevere and pursue. The one question is going to be your Perseverance Reassurance Reminder for life.  I believe that any of us can be born with a talent or skill. However, you’ve got to practice and work on it every day. More importantly, you MUST enjoy the process. Otherwise, it’s very rarely going to result in something fruitful.

Claim your FREE Workbook Guide below to begin your journey. I can’t wait to hear your story and what your ONE QUESTION is. Let’s conquer, be bold and persevere!

persevere but enjoy the process [skyezee fashionfit]

What’s the secret to maintaining motivation on your journey? Finding meaning in it. You see, most of us want to create a meaningful life, feel more fulfilled, healthy, abundant and free. It’s easy to get stuck, purely due to a sickening resistance within ourselves. Spiralling into a space of procrastination and frustration. Yet, you know inside that there’s so much more you could be doing with your time. You know you want to ‘get there’ so badly, but the harder you push the tougher it feels.

So How Do You Stay Motivated, Inspired, Abundant, And Determined?

You need to start creating momentum and get into a state of flow with ease. How? Think of it as having a ‘zen’ approach before beginning every new journey. Rather than putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on yourself, before you’ve even started. 

Every single one of you reading this, has the ability to push forward and persevere. However, you’ve first got to sit down and figure out your reasoning beforehand. Define WHY you want it and WHY you should start or continue from where you left off. I know whenever my plans didn’t work out, I’d go back to WHY I started in the first place. Often this jogs your mind back into action. So the next time when ‘LIFE’ happens, you’ve always got a back-up plan to turn to. But first, we need to figure out what your ONE QUESTION is.

It’s there, you just haven’t taken the time to define it yet. That’s what we’re going to do together in my FREE workbook guide. But before that, let me explain why you should dig deeper and join the Bold-Self Ladies Club.

Become One of The First-Ever ‘Boldest-Self’ Ladies

You don’t have to be naturally gritty, strong, brave or confident. I want to work with you, every day 24/7. Together, I will help you develop the skills to build STAMINA like never before. This is a sure proof way to successfully achieve every desire and goal you’ve got right now. Fitness, business, health, food, hormones, happiness?  We do it all!

Health and Success coaches, myself and other experts will guide you closer to your destination. We will hold your hand and provide you with transformational, science-based information. Boldest-Self Ladies get access to our live expert talks, virtual meet-up’s and workouts. We ensure you learn only the most important and vital information you need that’s unique to your wellbeing. You won’t be flooded with irrelevant information or generalized content. We only share GOLDEN KNOWLEDGE to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest, most confident and abundant wellbeing.

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A comfy and caring, interactive space.

You will have access to my Jump Fit program, jump rope skills training and all future online courses. 1-1 coaching, blogs, recipes, discussion forums and friendly accountability partners to keep you on track every day of every month.

Better yet, this platform is a caring and interactive space where you’ll never have to attempt anything alone again. You’ll be doing it with other like-minded females around the world. Each of you will be there to connect with, network with, and get inspiration and motivation from. Persevere together, not on your own.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to figure out your body, holistically so you can THRIVE. I believe when times get really difficult, we must choose to either bend or break. But having a really healthy body helps a lot.

We Connect The Wellness Dots

There’s no quick solution to thriving and purely enjoying your experience at being you. That’s why the Bold-Self Club is not a fitness, get shredded fast website. It’s not another fad diet, fashion trend, business solution or miracle maker. It’s a community of real, authentic women who genuinely want to learn how to truly own their health and life. A place to connect and share our stories because every GOAL matters, every Desire matters and your Health matters. We all deserve to shine bold and brave!

A bold, brave and inspired community of like-minded women worldwide, who are ready to THRIVE.

This platform will shift your mindset, and send you through a metamorphosis of transformation just like a butterfly. Every month we will dig deep into hot topics to figure out WHY we experience these setbacks. Ranging from your hormone health, to dieting, to business confidence, to longevity, to self-love, beauty routines, exercise and mental resilience. You will have us to keep you consistent, to persevere and succeed.

We are your go-to support system for EVERYTHING THAT IS YOUR WELLBEING, right at your fingertips.

Claim your FREE Workbook Guide below to begin your journey. I can’t wait to hear your story and what your ONE QUESTION is. Let’s conquer, be bold and persevere!

Once you’ve completed your workbook guide, send me a message. Email me via skye@skyezeefashionfit.com or send me a direct WhatsApp. I would love to chat and connect with you.

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