Wearing The Right Activewear Makes Exercise A Lot Easier

by Skye Kimberley Mallon

Wearing the right activewear makes a great deal of difference to your workout and the way you feel. Letting you in on a secret here, but, you don’t even have to work out that much to wear it either! Have you seen workout clothes flooding your social media feeds? There’s a new one almost every day! Are they overrated? Maybe the shipping costs and poor quality ones.

There’s no doubt that as soon as you walk into your gym, you’ll find ladies and gents kitted out in their neon, geometric or floral print leggings, tight futuristic tank tops, and specialized shoes. I mean, it’s got to the point where I see people, who probably don’t even exercise, wearing the fanciest of brands. Nothing wrong btw! In fact, I love their approach, because buying the clothing means being a step closer to the workout. Right?

Martial artist, the casual gym goer, the laze-around-the-house’er, the heavy lifter, the cross-fitter, the yogi or the runner. There’s an outfit for everybody up on our activewear estore. Don’t forget to use the specified discount codes!

Wearing What Makes You Feel Good

Do you remember when gyming was purely about the sweat? I remember rocking up at a gym and not really thinking twice about my outfit. Not sure if this was just me, but the gym has become a place of style now. And it’s happening outside the gym too. People like flashing their brightly coloured tights in public. (Guilty as charged!) If you haven’t joined in on the fun, then you need to start.wearing [skyezee fashionfit]

Before, you could get away with wearing a pair of shorts, a tank top, and some plain sneakers. Obviously, things have changed and we’ve clearly come a long way from just ‘throwing on’ a pair of track pants. You’re probably asking the question many ask me. But, is there even a reason for this? Do we need to spend hard earned money on these supposedly improved and trendy workout clothes? Or are you giving in to another overpriced fitness fad?

I think that there are some overpriced brands and a legging is a legging is a legging. But, then again, what are your goals? I mean if you want to look sexy, then you need to find the right cut to suit your body type. If you’re looking for mobility and movement, then you’re going to need a special kind of fabric that won’t split or get holes in it easily. Or maybe you just want a certain kind of look? All of these things come into play and are what affect the quality of your clothes and the price tag too!

However, for both men and women, when it comes to buying modern-day gym clothes. These are the most important things to consider, besides making you look super sexy! Your clothing should help to make your workout more effective, it should absorb sweat, add support, and provide tons of comfort.

The Activewear You Choose Is Very Important To Your Workout

It’s overwhelming how many options there are to choose from online and in the shopping malls. Even I’m like, ‘whaaaat!’ Personally, I prefer unique brands because they’re the ones who pay attention to detail and more importantly to aesthetic and quality. That’s why I love our two activewear brands, New Cre8tion Apparel, and Fogo Activewear. Find our top picks up on our estore. Besides, not only do these brands make you look like you’re from the year 2050. They have even got the technology to help your butt look bigger and firmer, your legs seem curvier, your arms seem more built for the guys and our bodies more contoured in general. You don’t want to miss out!

However, modern-day fitness apparel does provide a variety of benefits, other than aesthetics, that’ll maximize your workout experience. Here are some specific factors to keep in mind and the benefits you can get out of wearing them during your workout.

Comfort Is Key

Whether you’re doing squats, punching a boxing bag, or squeezing in a high-intensity session, the last thing you want to worry about is your uncomfortable workout clothes. Trust me, I have been in the situation countless of times. I have ended up tugging, pulling and even ripping holes into my gym clothes during exercise. This is really frustrating and unpleasant. Therefore, you need apparel that fits your body properly! That is why I have chosen these brands to help narrow down your search! Our apparel is designed to give you a wide range of motion and flexibility without slipping down, pulling, or bunching up. When you’re exercising, you are already doing something that is pushing your body to the point of fatigue. So, the first thing you want is comfortable exercise clothes that allow you to focus on the most important thing: your workout.

You Must Have Support

Now, this one applies to the ‘chestier’ ladies, in particular. However, men require a certain amount of support lower down too! Who enjoys high-intensity interval training, plyometrics and sports drills? I know, I do!  You have probably realized wearing the right exercise clothes which provide support is crucial to saving you from discomfort while keeping everything in place. These Fogo Activewear sports bras offer amazing support ladies!

If you’re just lifting some weights for the day, then perhaps extreme support is not really a concern of yours. But for joggers, bicyclists, mixed martial artists, HIIT freaks and jump rope enthusiasts, support is a necessity. And guys, you won’t want to miss out on these super comfy joggers and vests! My problem is, that with mainstream apparel you just can’t find a good level of support. Therefore, purchasing the right supportive workout clothes can help enormously.

Reduces The ‘Cold Feet’

Who tends to get cold toes or feet when they’re heading to the gym? And I mean this literally. I know I get this often and it’s mostly due to poor blood circulation. So, back to the support topic, you can find modern workout clothes that improve blood circulation. This may not be something on the mind of your average gym goer, however, for those who are serious about recovery and results, compression-based workout clothes are a must-have. According to experts, compression clothing might improve performance and aid in recovery. For example, compression socks, are great for the older fitness population with low blood pressure. If you need some really awesome hoodies, that’ll keep you warm on an early morning run take a look at these!


Believe it or not, the correct choice in fabric and design to fit a specific form of exercise can offer a lot of mobility. You can try wearing spandex leggings or lycra pants if you’re engaging in exercise with lots of quick, sudden movements or lots of high leg-kicks into heavy bags. These movements. require a smooth, versatile fabric. This will not only boost your performance but prevent injury as well.


Do any of you remember the high shorts and high socks of the 80s? Well, we’ve made a lot of progress since then and today’s workout clothes are stylish and fashionable while providing comfort. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to look like a sexy, stylish and futuristic fitness enthusiast on a daily basis? New activewear clothes look and feel great, helping you to do the same.

Keep in mind that wearing your workout clothes must feel amazing and make your workout experience as pleasant as possible! Now you’re fully equipped with the knowledge to shop for the ideal fitness apparel in preparation for your next workout!

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