Jumping rope gets more entertaining when you can easily do it with lots of speed. I’m sure you’ve seen other people handling the rope effortlessly and wonder how they do it, because you keep tripping over the rope.

It’s not as tough as it might be feeling right now. It’s actually got more to do with the way you are holding the rope. I bet you haven’t taken a minute to feel where you’re placing your hands and arms whilst jumping?

It’s important to remember that jumping rope is a skill that can only be learned when you pay close attention to your body movements. The mind-body connection is essential, so I want to teach you to learn to focus more on what each muscle on your body is doing.

Don’t stress, because that will only make you trip up. It’s better to stay relaxed and start practising this mind-body technique for at least 5 minutes every day.

You’ll notice that with practising this technique, soon you will begin to learn how to jump rope fast. However, it is particularly important for you to focus specifically on your hand placement. I demonstrate exactly how to hold the handles in the video below.

Maintaining a good hand grip will help you increase your speed. This is what makes your workout effective because the increased intensity will burn more calories a lot quicker. You’ll learn to rotate your rope with an effortless, super quick spin.

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