Hand placement and arm positioning are vital to maintaining proper form whilst jumping rope. Often I see people trying to jump by throwing their arms up over their heads and trying to gallop over the rope. I won’t lie to you, this seems to be instinctual and I did this too on my first attempts.

However, without the correct hand placement keeping a firm grip on the handles won’t be possible. In fact, if you hold the handles too firmly or too loosely it can mess up the entire rotation of the rope. You want to be speedy with your rope rotations rather than waste time fumbling about trying to grip it. This will only strain your hands.

At this point in your tutorial course, you should be well into practicing how to create rhythm. Keep in mind that this is a journey and takes time, it’s not a skill that you can master overnight. However, with consistent practice and a good attitude, you will be jumping to a beat in no time.

Generally, I recommend practicing for at least 5 minutes every day. You don’t want to burn yourselves out, so progress at a moderate pace. If you are still trying to grasp the first concept of creating a rhythm, then go ahead and spend more time on it.

Today, you’re going to learn how to establish the correct form. Our focus will be on the extension of your arms and your hand placement. Pay attention because this segment teaches you exactly where to place your hands on the jump rope and how far to extend your arms out whilst jumping.

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