Now it’s time to start breaking the jump rope process down into small pieces. Creating a rhythm whilst jumping really helps to keep you focused and zen. There’s no point in rushing in an effort to jump over the rope because that will only throw you offbeat. Creating a rhythm will help you to start slowly and will teach you how to jump according to beats of four.

Often we try to do the task perfectly and all at once without having mastered the basic principles. Doing this will only set you up for disappointment, frustration, and maybe even injury.

The last thing I want is for you to be in pain and stop with the course. Having said that, the initial stages, usually the first 2 weeks will be demanding on your muscles. You will most likely experience some delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), or slight burning in the legs, calves, shins, feet, ankles, back, shoulders and arms. This is because your body needs time to adapt to this new kind of movement. You will need to build the muscles for you to do the exercise, so just be patient, go slowly and use ice if you need to relax your muscles after each session.

You’ve started your journey to achieving a fitter, stronger and happier you!

Welcome to DAY 1 of the beginner’s jump rope tutorial series. I want to give you a wonderful opportunity to learn a useful skill that is fun and will help you dedicate more time to your health. Life gets a bit crazy and many of us are pressed for time, however, Jump Fit is quick and won’t take much space out of your life. Just 15-30 minutes a day.

Mastering The Fundamentals

Every day, for the next 8 days, you’ll learn a fundamental lesson. Each topic will guide you to be proficient and confident at jumping rope. This is so that you can develop your fitness and jump rope skills to a point where you’re ready to level up to part two of the Jump Fit Fat Burn Course.

This program is focused on burning fat fast and building lean muscle mass. You can complete the program anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are in the world! The program is fun, dynamic and effective. It consists of short, high-intensity intervals. We use different movement modalities inspired by boxing, kickboxing, pilates, yoga and strength training for maximum results.

The mixed-movement approach is highly effective because it keeps you excited and moving for the entire session.

I want you to experience the best! If you’re new to jump rope then this workout video will teach you exactly how to start creating a nice rhythm with the rope. No more tripping up! If you feel as if you’re not fit enough, coordinated enough, or young enough – then I challenge you to complete this 8-day course to prove yourself wrong! Girl or Guy… Anybody can jump rope no matter who you are or where you are.

Together, let’s start our journey and keep each other motivated through the Jump Fit Community.