‘Tale Of The Travelling Pants’ Is The Concept That Saves Our Planet

by Skye Kimberley Mallon

Planet consciousness is vital if we’re planning to continue existing, living and breathing on it. I’ve never been so horrified at the effects of the fashion industry alone on climate change and the general wellbeing of our incredibly precious planet. As Skyezee FashionFit, I feel compelled to encourage you to pay attention to your personal wardrobe choices and shopping preferences.

We’ve all got a lot to think about. The future of fashion and our planet is entirely in our hands. There’s no more room for the ‘buy, use, toss and recreate mentality anymore.’ Take it from the experts who lead us all into what our future holds. The Global Wellness Summit, reports that the only kind of future we have with fashion involves re-thinking every touchpoint in the cycle. This means how brands design and make our clothing, our purchasing choices, washing clothes, experiencing them and throwing them away.

Planet Consciousness And Conspicuous Fashion Collide

Careless to say the least. Years have gone by where we’ve been slapping on clothing, either to keep up with the hottest new look or because we’re over the clothing we already own.

The planet has had an infatuation with the next best fashion trend for years. More importantly, many feel that their clothing is a very powerful form of communication and expression of who they are. What’s the issue? Well, if you’re constantly changing up your wardrobe, because you’re in a different mindset today – you’re also, unconsciously, behaving like the worst kind of human. Misinformed and ignorant.

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I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I do intend on promoting a deeper awareness of the seriousness of the situation. The good thing is that we’ve got some amazing fashion brands taking massive strides in the fashion cycle to save our planet. Instead of being conspicuous with clothing, we now need to be conspicuous about humanism, the planet and the story behind our purchases.

With sustainable fashion being the number one trend of 2019, an amazing odyssey of wellness, and sustainable fashion creations are emerging. We’ve got Vintage Vegan or bespoke ‘on-the-demand’ clothing, as well as, smart ‘fitness and wellness’ athleisure that boosts your health. That’s only scratching the surface as to the number of innovations on the rise to help protect our beautiful planet. If you’d like to get more insight into all the innovative creations happening in fashion, then I’d highly recommend downloading your copy of the 2019 Wellness Trends, from Global Wellness Summit.

Ponder Over Fashion, Wellness, And Our Planet

It’s interesting to me that few people, sit back to ponder over the close connection between fashion and wellness. We engage in both equally every day. Forget about athleisure, because this trend clouds our judgment and has been just as disastrous in its impact on the planet.

Realistically speaking. Many people who are wellness and eco-minded and eat fresh food or drink out of bamboo straws have forgotten a very crucial aspect of their efforts. What about their consumption of clothing? Do you know the source of your favorite dress or jacket? What about its environmental impact during production? These are all aspects to ponder over, beyond the planet and closer to how fashion impacts on your personal wellbeing too.

Global Brands Making An Impact

What if we could make a conscious mindset shift? To savor our clothing, appreciate the beauty of its timelessness and buy into the bespoke rather than the mass-produced. You’re paying more, sure, but you’re investing in forever clothing rather than spending frivolously. We need to follow the likes of Meghan Markle and her conscious effort to only wear sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

Thankfully, there are thousands of sustainable fashion brands popping up around the world, big and small. A personal favorite of mine is Monsoon Blooms. I believe fast fashion is also making it’s way out slowly. Big fashion brands like H&M, Stella MacCartney, Eileen Fisher and Patagonia. They are all making important moves, with their new goal of selling strictly sustainable products by 2030.

Your Clothing Might Be Affecting Your Health

It goes beyond recycling plastic waste and turning it into trendy fashionables. You also need to consider the quality of your clothing and the dyes that different brands use to create it. What if that’s the reason for skin irritations, moodiness, and other health problems? Perhaps we should be looking at the quality of our clothing. Or focus on designing clothing that improves our health instead of taking prescription medication every time. Let’s think about natural fibers, cotton, plant-based dyes, and ‘vegan leather.’

Keep an eye out for clothes made out of Algae, Mushrooms & Crop Waste. Synthetics and polyester are hugely dangerous for the planet and take thousands of years to decompose. If ever. They release excessive loads of plastic microfibers into oceans and lakes. Toxic bleach, dyes and thousands of other chemicals used in clothing manufacturing pollute our air and water. Clothes packed with chemicals and dyes can also hurt our bodies.

Are You Ready To Make The Shift?

Have I convinced you to make the mindset shift to well-fashion yet?

What’s the point of this article. To make you more aware of the story behind the clothing. Think of every item you purchase or own as an investment that will travel with you through all your adventures. Rather than debating over whether or not it’s trendy.

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More importantly to make you aware of this broken system. We need to start repairing the damage. The fashion industry is a massive force in destroying the planet and harming people. Thankfully, there are so many new innovations happening. Well-fashion is opening the doors to cleaner fashion practices for the planet.

If you’d like to join in the discussion about well-fashion, sustainability and conscious living send me a personal message and we might have something worth chatting about over my new Skyezee FashionFit podcast. I’d also highly recommend following The Global Wellness Summit.

The world needs to convert to conscious existence. Now is the time to tap into the intricacies of your bodies, environments, feelings, and minds. This is why.

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