NEW ACTIVEWEAR LABEL LAUNCH || You Can Never Have Enough Gymwear

by Skye Kimberley Mallon

As an avid fashion lover, I enjoy looking for unusual activewear because I hate having to wear the same style of apparel every time I head to the gym. It gets a little bit mundane. If there’s a pair of tights with a bright, bold print on it and a tank top with an unusual cut, then I’ll be first to give it a try! That’s exactly why I have set myself on a mission to wear a handful of incredible activewear products during my own workouts.
Gym clothes seem to be something that I am constantly purchasing. No matter how many times I buy new items, I somehow find myself heading back to the local sports shop. If you’re a fitness lover like me, you too should understand how ‘wear-and-tear’ on your fitness apparel happens pretty quickly. Particularly if you like to push yourself really hard during training.
Another issue is that it becomes really expensive. To try and source activewear that’s a reasonable price and not going to fall apart after 2 weeks, would be amazing! Am I right, guys?
I’ll be listing brands here from now on
activewear [skyezee fashionfit]
Is it possible you’re looking for some incredibly unique designs? Are you not sure where to find them? Then this is where you need to keep looking!
Who knows, I might help you find a really original outfit for your next gym session. Or better yet, top quality activewear that will last longer than everything else you’ve tried – during those hardcore training sessions. And even if you literally just want something to lounge around in that happens to make you look sexy as hell, it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled.
Whatever your reason is, I am super excited about this!

New Activewear Brand Launching Mid-July

Let me introduce entrepreneur, Johan Schoeman to you. He is an Instagram influencer, fitness enthusiast, successful coach, creator and owner of the new activewear label, New Cre8tion Apparel. With over 17k followers, I just had to make contact! I really appreciate people who can see the link between business, creativity, fitness, and fashion.
He and I are alike in that we dedicate our lives to living a healthy, active life. More importantly, we are both passionate about wellness and use it to help others look and feel their best! Skyezee FashionFit and New Cre8tion Apparel are officially merging fitness with fashion. Use our FREE shipping discount code: “skyezee” when checking out on any order.
What stood out for me is the brand’s simplistic aesthetic and comfortable design. The clothing looks as though it allows for multi-dimensional 
activewear [skyezee fashionfit]
I have often bought gym clothes and when I wear them they tend to make me feel restricted. This is coming from somebody who does Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, Strength and even Boxing Fitness and MMA. Trust me, it is the worst when your clothing feels so tight that you run a risk of ripping your pants open. Or worse, they just keep falling down! Yes, I know, it’s rather laughable. But, anybody who trains a lot has most likely had this happen to them.
Therefore, the most important quality that a new brand should have, in my opinion, is not just a creative edge but extreme durability. 
So what I will be looking at, is of course how the garment makes me look and feel. But, also how the garment’s function when I put them to good use during a killer sweat sesh! I’m pretty confident though and I believe that all of you fitness enthusiasts and athletes out there will appreciate trying out a new and proudly South African activewear brand with me!
P.S. Johan has both a ladies and a gentlemen’s activewear line which will be available for purchase mid-July. Here is a sneak peek at some of his super-laidback designs. Or visit our activewear store

Ladies Collection July 2018

activewear [skyezee fashionfit]
activewear [skyezee fashionfit]
activewear [skyezee fashionfit]

Men’s Collection July 2018

   activewear [skyezee fashionfit]
And that’s just a snippet of what’s to come! If you would like to order the clothing then visit Skyezee FashionFit. And remember to use our discount code: “skyezee” when checking out. 
Keep following us to see my results after training in the gear! I can’t wait.
More activewear brands are coming soon! 
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