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Hey guys! 🙂 What's my story? Well, I started out as a fashion student at LISOF where I qualified in a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in Commercial Fashion and Fashion Media. I always had a knack for creating trendy outfits and enjoy taking pride in my image. I believe that it's very important to be well-presented at all times because the first impression is generally how people remember you. Looking good is also a key aspect of feeling good. I then started getting into the fitness side of things by following popular YouTubers and doing home workouts while I was studying. I knew I had landed on something I was truly passionate about. Over the course of two years I started getting pretty fit and began learning about nutrition. I started studying a Pilates Mat Course on the side. After studying, I got an internship at my now favourite magazine, Longevity where I started out as a health writer. Here my passion for living healthy and holistically started to blossom. I then decided to pursue this calling and got my first job as a personal trainer at Body20. I then decided to start growing my own brand on Instagram, Skyezee FashionFit. I had no clue what I was doing, but I just started posting and sharing my journey with others and it got a really fantastic response. I started picking up part-time writing jobs, worked as a boxing coach, started my own jump fit programs and even ran my own mobile coaching service which was exhausting. My passion kept me motivated and determined, no matter how difficult the road ahead was. I then decided to follow my dream to try building my own adventure retreat in Watamu, Kenya. I had an incredible opportunity there at a big resort, but unfortunately it fell through and my partner (Craig) and I had to return to SA. We made a lot of progress, and built the foundations for our future goals – we were living there for almost 6 months! After which, I hit a pretty rough patch, where I identified that I had an eating disorder and needed some help. This is perfectly okay and at this point, I am so proud that I did something about it. When you're not coping, it's okay to reach out and talk somebody. We then decided to make an investment in the Bodytec franchise (Rivonia) because we knew that this would be the backbone of our success. As tough as it is and some sacrifices had to made, it was the best decision we could've made at the time. That brings me here, where I now run my online health, image and branding platform where we have an incredible community to help support eachother. We can have fun and hold eachother accountable for whatever it is you're looking to achieve with your well-being. Whether it's jumping rope, gut health or mindset I want to help you get there, together!