Makeup Is Part Of My Life, But Allergies And Inflammation Are Too. Here’s How To Quickly Take Ownership Of Your Wellbeing With Just 5 Easy Steps

by Skye Kimberley Mallon

Makeup is part of my life, as it is for most women and some men too, all around the world. Honestly, I have never been interested in doing a full face of makeup every day before leaving the house. The only times I did that was when I had a dancing show or big event to attend, and now I hardly wear any.

Yet, makeup is part of my life as I often enjoy wearing it on certain days to highlight or accentuate my natural facial features. Whether or not you’re wearing full faces of makeup, your reason for wearing it is probably the same. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with expressing yourself through your beauty! But if you’re like me and allergies or inflammation have always been part of your life then you’ve got to choose your products wisely. Hopefully, my story about allergies will help you to make better decisions about your current makeup choices immediately.

Speak with the experts, but trust me they will tell you that the safest way to go is to opt for 100% natural which means wearing your ‘birthday face’. Haha, jokes aside, we both know that isn’t any fun at all and is unrealistic to expect especially in today’s beauty-driven world. So, makeup is part of my life and yours too which means our best bet is to get some insight into which products to choose and why before buying our usual selection.

We’ll get to the details later in this article.

Makeup Is Part Of My Life But Allergies Are Too, Here’s What I Do

My first tip is to select products because of how they’re produced rather than simply reading their labels or opting for ‘hypoallergenic.’ This word doesn’t mean they’re good for your health.

makeup is part of my life but so are allergies and inflammation [Skyezee FashionFit]

In fact, ‘hypoallergenic’ is an extremely unreliable method since you could be allergic to anything. Instead, opt for a brand with a true, authentic, science-based story. Investigate how it’s made and where it’s from. Also, try choosing the products that are local, honest, and considerate about your health. Makeup is part of my life, so I’m not prepared to cut it out entirely, and nor should you.

Living With Allergies

As a young girl, I battled with allergies and inflammation especially since makeup is part of my life. Understandably, during that time I had no idea I was experiencing an allergic response or that most of my health issues resulted because of inflammation. So often, we apply all kinds of cosmetics to our skin or ingest foreign, artificial foods which increase the inflammatory response in your body over time. As a result, I got sick often because my allergies were so bad. They were weakening my immune system. Family members had no clue how to deal with me, missing school was just not good.

Yet, no amount of doctor’s visits or antibiotics seemed to make a difference. They only caused me to feel worse. Even well into my high school days, I remember experiencing sneeze attacks during class or random spells of dizziness and fatigue. Sometimes, I would wear eyeliner or mascara and get extremely watery, itchy eyes. Makeup is part of my life and only later did I realize its long-term effects. Other times, I’d eat or drink something artificial and experience a tight chest. Makeup is part of my life, but not at the expense of my wellbeing.

The worst was during grade eight when I got TWELVE styes on my eye. This was clearly my body screaming and overreacting to external chemicals it did not like. Even the doctor was gobsmacked, not knowing how to treat such a bizarre case. I mean I was booked off school, run-down, feeling sick, and pretty depressed because I looked as if somebody punched me one thousand times in my eye. What on earth?

Well, it wasn’t until I went to a homeopathic doctor when I slowly started to realise that natural, plant-based methods always save the day. And because makeup is part of my life, I needed to find plant-based alternatives that take all these health concerns into consideration.

Here’s What To Do Instead

I know I’m not the only person who lived life oblivious to the effects of beauty products, cosmetics, and diet on our wellbeing. But after being diagnosed at the age of seventeen with Keratoconus – a degenerative eye disease, and later being told by my ophthalmologist that my Meibomian Glands are dying too – I hit a breaking point in my health.

It was time for me to have one big clear out, especially since makeup is part of my life. I chose to focus on ways that were going to fully enrich my health and add value to my wellbeing in the long term. Essentially there are no quick fixes to your wellbeing, but there are better and very enjoyable ways you can achieve it.

That moment spoke to me loud and clear, telling me to set out as an empowered woman and own my wellbeing completely. Because let’s face it, we live in a very hard world where everybody is in it for themselves. So only YOU can make a difference in how you feel being alive. Remember, that whatever choices you make have a ripple effect on not only your wellbeing, but everybody else’s too which is why I’m hoping my story will inspire you to act now. Makeup is part of my life and yours, so let’s choose wisely.

As a teenager, I felt extremely distressed about my health. Therefore, if this post helps even just one person -teenager, working woman, mother, or grandmother – my job is complete.

5 Steps To Take Ownership Of Your Wellbeing

Makeup is part of my life and many other women and young girls too. So let’s be sure to wear products that not only look great but make us look and feel healthy too.

  1. Take a close look at what cosmetics (anything and everything) you are using every day.
  2. Throw out ALL expired or old makeup and beauty products. Don’t trust expiry dates either.
  3. Research what chemicals may cause allergies or inflammation and avoid those or throw out the ones you’ve got.
  4. Find makeup and skincare brands that you connect with, who genuinely hold your best interests and wellbeing at heart.
  5. Know where your products come from, how they’re made, what ingredients they use, and why.

My Favourite Makeup Products

You might think that you don’t suffer from allergies, so this doesn’t apply to you. But don’t be fooled, research says that allergy cases have risen by up to 50% in the past decade, with a 700% rise in hospitalisations due to anaphylaxis. Also, you can suddenly become allergic or sick over time to a certain allergen. Therefore, if you keep choosing cheaper beauty products or mass-produced commercial products you are damaging your health in the long-term.

Opting for natural, health-friendly products transforms how you feel.

Makeup is part of my life, and not just a beauty statement. But it’s also the one thing we can control.

Here is what I use on my eyes, since this is the most sensitive area on your face.

Ps. Be sure to use the code Inthuse-Skye15 for 15% discount on all recommended products.

Eye Enhancer Trio

For me, it’s all in the eyes. After going on a manhunt to find a local, natural, mineral eyeshadow without any harsh chemicals in it. I finally found this one. Inthusiasm Eyeshadow Trio is filled with plant-based ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. Like I said, eye makeup is part of my life.

There are different shades like Burgundy, Pink, and Charcoal. However, I love the Shades of Golden Brown as it complements my blue eyes. The consistency blends perfectly and lightly into the skin, enhancing your already beautiful eyes.

One should never fall asleep with makeup on, but if you do, this would be the makeup to do that with.

Brown Eye Pencil

I’m a neutral kind of girl, who enjoys the occasional pop of colour depending on my mood. Since eye makeup is part of my life, I enjoy wearing some eyeliner to make my eyes pop without going overboard. Thankfully, I found this Brown Kajal/Kohl PencilI containing only Plant waxes, Vegetable glycerides, and tons of other minerals. Knowing I can still wear my beloved eyeliner, without harming my eyes further is a massive relief!

It’s also very easy to apply and lasts the entire day.


I used waterproof mascara for years, until 2021. Although makeup is part of my life and mascara makes me feel pretty, long-lasting mascara is THE MOST toxic choice for your health. Little did I know…

However, we all desire those beautiful long lashes. That’s why I’m so glad I was determined enough to find this incredible Mascara which is made with just Distilled water, Klack Kaolin, Argan Oil, and Cosmetic Grade Soy Wax. It’s not waterproof, but lasts surprisingly long and achieves a beautiful, long and elegant lash effect.

You’ve got to be extra careful with mascaras because most brands don’t disclose the full list of ingredients to the consumer. They pack their products with toxic chemicals like Teflon, Heavy metals, and PFA’s which are detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

My lovelies, makeup is part of my life and yours too therefore you need to select what you’re using carefully especially if you’re using it daily. The skin is the largest organ on your body and EVERYTHING you put on it will be absorbed which directly affects your eye health, mental health, and gut health. Now’s the time to do what you can to take ownership of your well-being.

I hope these tips help you.

Love, light, health and happiness.

Ps. Be sure to use the code Inthuse-Skye15 for 15% discount on all recommended products.

Why do your skin and eyes matter? Learn about why your skin and eyes are not only the window to your soul but also provide a glimpse into your overall health.

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