Girls, You Can Kick Anxiety’s Ass Today By Doing This

by Skye Kimberley Mallon

Girls, You Can Kick Anxiety’s Ass Today By Doing This

Girls, the core reason behind your Anxiety is the fear of the future. The unknown. I write this knowing exactly how scary that thought of it can get, because you’re uncertain about what’s going to happen.

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I’ve seen it first hand and felt waves of it before. Some cope with its grips by running away or doing nothing but to wait it out, Girls who are going through this hold onto the hope that it will simply go away. If you’re reading this, then you probably not that’s just not how it works.

Life is bloody hard. There’s no doubt in that. And sometimes the pressure or even the desire to get to a certain place in your life can be a mission, The path to do what you want in life, or achieve the body you dream of or the lifestyle you wish for. These all require you to face up to and break barriers during difficult situations.

Girls, Together Let’s Overcome Anxiety Together

We all feel fear, stress, and worry at certain points in our lives. For some, it comes in waves and others it’s more constant. Luckily, there are ways to help you improve the way you might be feeling. I’ve learned to incorporate them into my life and they always help me when I hit points in my life where I feel stuck.

Today, I want to talk about some of the different kinds of anxiety I’ve become aware of in the jump Fit Community. Then, I’m going to give you my advice and suggest things you can do to kick Anxiety’s ass.

1. Crowds Make You Nervous

This is known as social anxiety and happens when you feel fear towards crowds of people you do not know. Maybe you feel uncomfortable in social gatherings? Often, this is because you’re worried about how these people are going to judge you. We all by nature, seek approval or validation. It’s just that some seek it out more than others. Social anxiety is proof of this. And if you don’t get their approval, this must mean they do not like you.

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I get this feeling too sometimes. Many people feel really uncomfortable or anxious in public situations like a friend’s party, group fitness classes, the gym, presenting an idea at work, or a business meeting. This kind of anxiety can be really exhausting because it does all kinds of things to your nerves. It makes everyday life seem harder than it is whether it’s quitting your job, visiting new friends, or moving houses.

Girls, self-confidence does play a massive role in how we feel in any kind of social environment and it takes time to build it. For a long time, I had very little confidence and was shy to speak up in class or ask questions. I’ve had to retrain my mind and force myself to do certain things I was most fearful of to get out of that zone.

2. Eating Food Makes You Anxious

I laugh at this one because we all have such a love-hate relationship with food. You might not want to admit it but it’s the truth. I too, love eating, but have experienced my fair share of confusion, indulgence, restriction, and frustration with it!

However, food anxiety can be quite serious if not dealt with. You might overeat one night, feel like crap and then beat yourself up over it. You feel like you’ve totally blown your fitness and nutrition plan. Guess what happens? You give up and end up binging or restricting the next day because you’ve already decided that you’re a failure before the week has even ended.

You’re basically creating your very own black hole. You see, if you immediately cast yourself a failure you won’t see yourself as fit to achieve your goals. This can lead to other more serious issues like eating disorders. That’s why you must pay attention to how you’re feeling about food.

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3. Exercise

Girls, it is actually crazy how many people I’ve come across with the fear of working out. People are so nervous that it stops them from at least trying it! Basically, anxiety stops you from giving the world what the world needs from you.

Who has a passion that they’ve always wanted to try? I do. And many others too but too many of them are too afraid to try it because they’re afraid of how it will be received.. Getting fit or changing your body for the better is something that I know most of you desire. But, the thought of walking into a gym and feeling overwhelmed by the number of machines is totally understandable. I mean, just getting out your Jump Fit Kit to do your workout in the park or your garden can be intimidating, I know this. You hate the fact that people might be watching,

Generally, it’s because you’re afraid of not doing the exercise correctly with the perfect form and looking stupid. Girls, I understand. Working out with little experience with other people who live at the gym can be really intimidating. That’s why I’ve made it my goal to support you on your fitness journey.

This will help you get into training with the Jump Fit Approach using the jump rope, You’ll be able to stay focused and get all the support you need with the Jump Fit Community. Girls, even if you’re just a beginner. In terms of dealing with anxiety in general, I’ve got some great tips below to help you overcome your fears.

I realise that anxiety isn’t something you can just stop. It doesn’t work like that. But, there are ways you can help ease its effects. I want to show you how to not let your anxiety prevent you from achieving what you want in life. Maybe you get anxious because of one of the things I’ve mentioned above or in all of them. Either way, try to use my strategies below to overcome this stress and fear.

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1. Learn To Love Food

I made this number one because your food is your life, my girls. I love it and I know you do deep down inside too! If you get food anxiety then stop seeing it as the enemy and make friends with it instead. Who lives in constant fear about what they’re eating, where it comes from, and how much of it they’re consuming? When you do this, you literally give the food the power to control how you feel about yourself, and most times it’s like crap. Don’t let it be mean to you like that!

Change your attitude. Start thinking of food as an amazing resource to help you build the life and body you envision. When food becomes fuel rather than an obstacle in your mind you will feel less anxious about it.

That’s why I feel so strongly about allowing yourself treats and creating a way of eating that makes you feel happy in the long run. I eat clean 80% of the time, but the other 20% I allow myself the foods that I really enjoy. Yes, I will most likely opt for the healthier alternative of that treat meal but I will never restrict myself from something I really want to eat. And then I have my days where I keep my meals really clean so that it keeps me in line with my fitness goals.

This means that I won’t go and binge for an entire day and then call myself a failure and give up! I will rather eat well and then reward myself with something, So, I’ll indulge one meal and then the next meal will continue as normal followed by the same workouts. You’re only human, remember. There’ll be days where you eat a lot and days where you eat very little. But the key is to try and stay within a happy medium.

Remember that it’s ok to have bad days and to enjoy the foods you love, just make sure to have a balance.

2. Adjust Your Thinking

It’s crazy how much anxiety stems from us worrying about what other people think about us girls. But if we were able to change the way we perceive other people then this anxiety would disappear..When you’re surrounded by people who love and adore you, you feel amazing. This gives you the confidence to speak openly and behave freely. But then, when you’re with people you think are a big deal, you suddenly feel out of your league and start getting shy or feeling uncomfortable.

This is simply your perception of the way you think other people see you. Knowing this is powerful because it puts you in control of who you want to be. You are the one who decides if you want people to perceive you as confident and capable. You take on that mindset and then you can take on that role.

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3. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I keep saying this. Scared or not, it’s the only way I’ve found. What doesn’t kill you will certainly make you stronger. They say the more frightening the and challenging the thing is, the better and easier it is for you to kick anxiety’s ass. Of course, within reason. Does it feel scary or weird? DO IT!

That’s good,  I’m forever putting myself in challenging and scary situations that I’ve got no clue about. And yes I do freak out too. Yet, I force myself to do it no matter how much it frightens or worries me. Once you discover this power, you will see that facing fears is the easiest way to get rid of anxiety, Start small and practice doing this!

Don’t put pressure on yourself to sort this out right now. Take time and be patient with yourself. Try something every day, slowly. And DO NOT compare yourself to others.

4. Accept The Fear

Approaching your fear for the first time can be exceptionally difficult and sometimes debilitating. But, don’t turn back. Instead, accept that you will feel fear and know that’s okay. Yes, it is terrifying. Next time, it’ll be less so and the time after that even better until it becomes a breeze!

You need to experience fear and feel nervous to get rid of it. To better yourself in life otherwise, you’ll just become more terrified. Experience as much as you can and turn these experiences into empowering moment instead of ones that makes you feel bad.

5. Laugh At Your Anxiety

Girls, your ego is a funny thing! I must be honest it can go two ways. It will either make you feel like a million bucks or it will make you doubt every decision you’ve ever made.

When you hit a low phase in life, we automatically start beating ourselves up. We become our very own bullies. Don’t do this! Stop and take a second to tell yourself that you’re amazing.

Stop letting that ugly voice make you doubt that you can achieve everything you want for your life. Think about anxiety and uncomfortable situations as mere experiences and laugh them off if things go South. If things get freaky, then make it a joke and it’ll make things less intimidating to conquer next time.

6. Create Who You Want To Be

Strength and stability are the two factors I want to attract into my life. And of course peace. For me to do this, I need to get creative with who I am. You need to decide exactly who you want to be and then start living, breathing and thinking just like that person would.

Envision the identity that you want to step into. If you’re certain of who you want to be, you can get rid of all the other things that make you feel anxious that you really don’t want in your life. Try to think about what that identity would do in an anxious situation. If you constantly reaffirm who you are and what your identity is, you’ll start to consciously make decisions that help you evolve into the person you want to be.

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Get It Done

As I said, I get waves of anxiety too but with practice and over time I get better at handling it. These are some of the ways I deal with it so that I can get out of my mind and reconnect to my physical body again.

So, you might not get rid of Anxiety but you will get much better with how you respond to it. This means shifting your mindset because there’s not one specific tool that will fix it. Step into your anxieties; break through them to get what you want out of life.

Girls. let’s be warriors and not allow anxiety to rule us. It can spill over into your body, relationships and your sense of fulfillment so don’t avoid it. Time to plunge into it! Face your anxieties head-on, get used to feeling uncomfortable and you’ll start to achieve the things you want in life.


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