Living your longest, happiest and healthiest lifestyle, healing the relationship with yourself, food and learning how to truly take care of your body & mind, holistically, is my speciality. To those who have been misled by diet fads, false marketing, fitness images and unrealistic beauty standards, I’m here to help!

I’m a qualified Fashion Journalist, Stylist and Trends Forecaster. I am a Health and Fitness Writer for wellness magazine. Longevity.  I am a Yoga Teacher in training, experienced in Fitness Coaching, Movement and Pescatarian Nutrition. I also own a Bodytec studio in Rivonia and help others achieve their goals daily. I’m knowledgeable about mindfulness and coping mechanisms. An adventure seeking girl like me, has experienced a lot at a young age and know what it’s like to feel ‘stuck,’  I’ve helped many clients not just get their image sorted out, but also get their life and feelings mentally and emotionally back on track!

I want to help you too. 

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