Create A Morning Routine With These 6 Steps

by Skye Kimberley Mallon

Create a morning routine that you love, one you can stick to, and feel good doing. Did you know that the way you start your day each morning has a dramatic effect on how the rest of your day plays out?

I bet you’re also familiar with this question: Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Well, that could be something you create for yourself every day. It’s easy to sink into automatic mode, without even thinking about how you’re waking up. And that’s why I’m going to show what I try to do most days so that I feel energized and productive in the mornings! And even when you’re just not feeling it. Your routine can help you get up leaving you feeling better than not getting out of bed.

Mornings are the best time of day because you get a fresh start. Also, they allow you to reset and squeeze in a little bit of self-care time. But honestly, they can be REALLY difficult to love and I’ve had moments where I don’t want the morning to come. You know, the bed is just so comfy and safe. Day after day, my mornings would be so hectic, having no time left for anything but running out the door for work. I realized this was only leaving me feeling incredibly stressed before my day even got going. This isn’t a great setup if you want to have a clear head for the workday ahead.

Create A Morning Routine You Love

And because of this, the rest of my day would be an extension of that hectic morning. I would carry around that stressful feeling with me all day long.

No matter what your situation is currently, you can create a change. Since I started to think consciously about my morning routine the way I felt changed. Look it’s not perfect, but if you start this amazing morning routine you will feel better. In the end, life is about taking ownership of your reality and space especially if something isn’t feeling good. And at the Boldest-Self Ladies Club, we’re all about those ‘feel-good’ sensations.

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I want to show you that not only can your mornings change, but your ENTIRE DAY. Now, I feel refreshed, energized, focused, productive, and actually motivated to start my day!

Create A Morning Routine Checklist

To help you put this morning routine into practice, I made the ‘Feel-Good’ Morning Routine Checklist. This is so you can have a handy list to refer to every morning! You can get it for free below.

create a morning routine you love [skyezee fashionfit]

Also, it helps to see what other ladies are doing which is why I am sharing my routine with you. It’ll hopefully inspire you to create your own morning routine that feels REALLY good.

You can see this as a ‘what Skye does’, and then modify and tweak the things I talk about to what feels good to you.

Okay, let’s get started. Are you ready to love your mornings?

1. Hydration

I feel like drinking water is highly underestimated, particularly when we wake up. Think about it. You’re sleeping for like 8 hours and at that time, your body isn’t getting any hydration. So, as soon as I wake up the first thing I do goes as follows…

I ensure I empty my bladder and then get a glass and fill it up with lukewarm water and drink. (It hydrates you more effectively than cold water.) Now don’t do what I usually catch myself doing, which is to down it and get hiccups or a sore feeling in your chest. Give the body a chance to wake up and drink it over 5-10 minutes. Then to create an energy-filled body, I like to pour another glass and add in fresh lemon juice from ½ of a lemon (or less). I then add a little bit of grated ginger as well as a dash of cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. This gives me a dose of healthy antioxidants first thing.

If I feel like I need an energy boost then I like to add ½ an orange with a dash of turmeric.

Even if you just want to start with warm water, it’s still a great habit to create when you wake up. Your body has been resting (and fasting) all night long, so the warm water activates your digestive system. No matter what I do, this is something I never skip. Pro tip: It’s probably best to use a lemon squeezer to keep the seeds out of your water!

Why I Love Lemon, Orange And Ginger Water Every Mornings

Lemon is packed with vitamin c, which supports the immune system, keeping your body healthy. It also stimulates collagen production which promotes healthy, youthful-looking skin! The tangy citrus flavor also helps me to wake up!

The ginger (I adore ginger) helps aid digestion, has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (which helps fight illnesses). It’s also a tummy soother which is amazing for tummy aches.

Oranges contain D- limonene, a compound that is touted to prevent cancers like lung cancer, skin cancer, and even breast cancer. Vitamin C and antioxidants present in oranges are important for building the body’s immunity and fighting cancer. They’re really high in fiber and just make me feel more energized.

Lastly, I love turmeric because it’s an ancient healing spice. Mainly because of the polyphenol, curcumin, which is an orange-yellow powder that has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

2. Take A Moment To ‘Just Be’

I won’t lie, I still struggle to create this habit. Mainly because I always feel like I’ve got to jump into my work or to-do list. This might take you time to get used to, so be gentle on yourself. But believe me, when I do allow myself to ‘just be’ in the mornings, it changes everything.

You know how I was saying my mornings used to be hectic and rushed, leaving me feeling stressed out? Well, incorporating peace into my mornings is something I knew I should start. When I do this, I not only feel relaxed in the moment. The sense of peacefulness remains with me for the entire day! It really can create a huge difference for you and is so much better than feeling stressed all day from a mad morning.

It also helps to create a method of waking yourself up gently. Rather than whacking yourself up out the bed. It usually takes me a little while to get out of that sleepy fog in the morning. That’s why it’s not good to race straight into things. Doing this will help you to wake up fully, without forcing it. Think of this as your peace and quiet time.

So if you can, sit down outside if the weather is nice and clear your mind. I do this with my morning coffee of course and just let myself wake up. I take about 10-20 minutes to do this.

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Do What Feels Good In This Moment

Every day is unique and things will be different. That’s why I try to clear my mind of anything at all. I like to think of positive, self-loving affirmations, or about my goals and intentions for the day. Just don’t let yourself get stressed, the goal here is to relax in quietness and feel peaceful. You can also focus on breathing deeply. Create and relaxing and safe space for yourself.

Since doing this, I feel so relaxed and focused for the rest of my day. I feel so much happier, concentrated, and at ease. Give it a shot, you might find that you really like it. It’s also a step in the right direction to practicing self-love.

Tip: If you’re not keen on sitting, create a skincare routine. This is also really relaxing. It’s a great way to also ‘just be.’

3. Stretch Or Move

There are different ways to ‘just be’ in the mornings. So you need to go with the flow and pick one that feels good on the day. Sometimes, I use this opportunity to do a workout and other times to do some yoga or just walk and stretch.

However, stretching your body is perfect to do first thing in the morning. You need to create a habit of moving because your body has been still all night sleeping and recharging. This gets your blood flowing and warms up those muscles. Also, if you start stretching your body daily, you’ll find yourself getting more flexible.

create a morning routine you love [skyezee fashionfit]

It often helps to check-in with how you’re feeling. But if you’re new to exercise. then you can do an easy 10-minute full-body stretch. This is a gentle way to shake off those sleepy feels and wake up the body. Sometimes, I do Ashtanga yoga stretches right in my living room only because I have recently been taking those classes. But you can do any kind, Yin Yoga is really amazing for releasing muscle tension. Stretching feels especially good in the mornings.

If you feel up to it, after your stretches you can get yourself a nice workout. I personally love stepping outdoors to get fresh air and feel the morning sun. You can simply start off by going outdoors for a nice walk or jump rope or jog. You can also stay in and do some quick and easy exercises at home.


This year, in 2020, I have loved doing the short and sweet morning yoga sessions like this one on YouTube by Boho Beautiful. If I feel like a challenge, I’ll do Ashtanga by Five Park Yoga. If I am keen to work out then I’ll do full-body workout by Caroline Girvan or one of my Jump Fit workouts.

Moving the body and getting your blood pumping is great in the morning, gets your brain focused, and wakes up those muscles. Even if it’s just a quick jog in place for 5 minutes, getting movement in can do wonders for your health! And trust me, you’ll feel so good the rest of the day!

To help you put this morning routine into practice, I made the ‘Feel Good’ Morning Routine Checklist. So you can have a handy list to refer to every morning! You can get it for free below!

4. Brain Dump

Literally, you need to get that stuff out of your head and put it all down on paper. This is particularly important for those times when you feel like you can’t switch off. An amazing and transformative habit to create.

Get a blank journal with a pen, paper clips, and a cup of coffee next to it.
Before you skip this one, give it a try. There is something so therapeutic about the act of writing down whatever comes to your mind on paper or in a journal like this one. Don’t think too much about sounding correct or anything, just write. It is for your eyes only. It can be a time that you write down new ideas, set your intentions or goals for the day. Just brain dump your to-do list or even journal to yourself.

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This isn’t the same as step 2 either. In this step, you are writing down your thoughts or planning your day. You can also do a version of this at night before bed if you want to reflect on your day.

I don’t always remember to do this, but I do my best to create this habit. I find it better to journal at night because I often have a lot to say at the end of the day. But I do love journaling in the morning as well, as it helps sort out my thoughts and to-do list. These are often flowing through my head in the mornings Give it a try!

5. Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

Honestly, ladies, you don’t want to skip breakfast. I know I don’t function well when I skip it. Create a healthy, simple breakfast routine because it truly is the most important meal. If your morning routine is going to set you up to have an amazing day, breakfast needs to be part of that.

Because getting hungry means you’ll be less concentrated in whatever you’re doing in your day. So fuel your body with nutrition to keep you going strong all day long!

create a healthy breakfast [skyezee fashionfit]

My favorite easy breakfasts are oatmeal, green protein smoothies, chia pudding, or avocado toast. Get creative, but try as much as possible to skip the pastries or anything unhealthy. Your body needs good nutritious foods so you can be at your best.

A bowl of oatmeal with sliced banana, peanut butter accompanied by blueberries, a glass of water with lemon, and honey next to it. This is perfection!

6. Get The Worst Task Done First

The morning is definitely the most productive time of the day for me. Since my brain is rested and ready to go, it is the best time of day to be productive and get things done. I like to get the hardest or most important thing done first.

I won’t be able to procrastinate this way.

This works for me! It’s that thing that I know needs to be done, so rather than procrastinate. I just go ahead and get it done first thing in the morning. This way I can feel good the rest of the day, knowing I got my biggest task done already.

It’s also good to know how to prioritize. Knowing what is most important versus not so important can really help you focus and use your time wisely, so you can be more productive.

Transform Your Life

I believe that when we start our morning right, we can start loving life. These are the things I try to do daily and honestly, they change everything. Stop those stressful mornings and never look back. I want you to create a morning you love, to feel focused, at peace, and so much happier in the mornings.

Now you know my routine, I hope you are able to get ideas on how to create your own morning routine and put it into action! And know that you don’t need to start off with everything at once! Introduce things into your routine one at a time so that you don’t overwhelm yourself in the process.

Starting your day off right feels so good. Give it a shot!

Don’t forget to grab The ‘Feel-Good’ Morning Routine Checklist, so you can have a handy list to refer to every morning! You can get it for free below.

With love,

P.S. What do you do in your morning routine? Leave a comment below!


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