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by Skye Kimberley
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Jump your body into shape! Try my 30 Day fast-fat burn program that’ll not only help you achieve a fit body but will also ensure you have fun doing it!


Newbie or not, my course will teach you how to jump rope properly with the correct form. You will also be introduced to boxing-inspired high-intensity interval training for ultimate results. Jump Fit is a smart training method and introduces you to the power of shorter, more intense workouts. “Jump Fit” is an instant mood booster and lymphatic system detox workout program that has been carefully designed for fat loss and maintaining or promoting lean muscle results like never before. It is a hybrid fitness program that contains a unique fitness merge of cardio jump rope exercises which create a rebound effect to stimulate the lymphatic system; and body toning strength exercises through using your own body weight and a resistance band. It even includes a short warm-up and relaxing cool down in every workout video aimed to ease those sore muscles and get you back on your feet and ready for more.

No more long workouts, just fun times, your body, and your Jump Fit Kit. Also, if you really want to maximize your Jump Fit workouts then give my recommended Jump Ropes a try. They’re designed by Crossrope and come in different weights to intensify each and every workout for a better full-body burn!

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