I have one mission:

To connect all like-minded women, like you and I, and share with you how to truly take care of your well-being, HOLISTICALLY and CONSISTENTLY!

I want to help and inspire EVERY women around the world to reach their best, most satisfied, confident, healthiest, happiest and BOLDEST Self!

Together we will strive to figure out our ONE QUESTION to master EXCELLENCE in all that we DESIRE in living our BOLDEST life. 

Once you know the right steps to take, reaching the goals you want can actually be simple. But how?


You can totally feel good, look good, be successful and healthy. If other people have been able to do it, then so can you, right?  But sometimes it feels pretty impossible... That's because figuring out what WORKS BEST FOR YOU, alone, can be ridiculously overwhelming and confusing.  There's just TOO MUCH information available!

SELF DOUBT & DEMOTIVATEDI don’t have money to invest. I just don't have the motivation to even start. 😔💸😩
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SELF-LIMITATIONSI don’t have enough time 😣⏳😓😕
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INCONSISTENTI'm fine at starting, but I can never seem to follow-through. 😱🤦🥺😢
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PERFECTION PARALYSISI'm afraid I'll mess up or fail.🤔😐🤷
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If you could do anything, be anything, accomplish anything - no limitations, what would you do?

Why Join Us?

We’re not a once-off fitness program, diet plan, or fashion tip. We connect all the dots and grey areas about living well. Those are just pieces of the puzzle.

You will master the ability to GRIT-IT-OUT and GET IT DONE, whatever it takes, to be BOLD.

You will be able to:

Be One Of The First-Ever Boldest-Self Ladies!

You never need to feel alone again! Become a lady of the Boldest-Self Club.

Figuring out how to own your health, feel satisfied and truly enjoy life all at the same time is really difficult to master on your own. Knowing what YOUR ONE QUESTION is will only be the beginning. There’s so much more you need to master!

I am searching to connect females worldwide on a one-of-a-kind interactive platform where you’ll be guided by amazing wellness experts and each other to get you closer to your BOLDEST-SELF. You’ll have access to GOLDEN knowledge and learn directly from experts in a manageable format so that you don’t become overwhelmed or feel STUCK, with an information overload

This community will teach you everything you need to know for building STAMINA and GRIT to manifest a successful, confident, healthy and happy wellbeing.

Your one-stop membership to find only what you need to know about how you can achieve your BOLDEST WELLBEING. No more feelings of stuck, or information overwhelm.

A community where we learn from one another. We combine mindfulness with strategy to take inspired action. Here we can share our feelings, concerns, confusions and achievements that occur and receive expert answers that are actually relevant to your wellbeing, uniquely.

Every story matters and we want to hear yours! Your input matters and we want to hear it! Help me and we’ll help you to remember why YOU matter, your GOALs matter and so does your HEALTH – EVERYDAY 24/7. Business, Fitness, Health, Food, Love Goals? WE DO IT ALL!

Why Should You Strive To Get There?

Think About What Your Ideal 'Being' Looks Like.

What if you had a space where you could learn everything you needed to implement in your life to start living your bold life and let go of everything that is holding you back whilst being fully supported and understood by a community of like-minded women?


Hello Gorgeous!

I’m Skye Mallon

Introducing you to Skyezee FashionFit (pty) LTD

"When things go wrong, we have to learn to bend, not break. A strong, healthy body helps a lot,"

- Skye.

I know how overwhelming it can be to start or even remain consistent with creating a better, healthier and happier you. I took my first step to a bolder wellbeing in 2017 with no clue as to what I was doing…Just know that it takes time and it’s okay to mess up. Failure is part of the journey and is an opportunity to learn so you can bounce back more resilient.

Benefits Of Becoming A Bold-Self Lady

No more hours wasted on pointless Google, YouTube, or Blog searches trying to get the answers to your wellbeing concerns. We have a zero 'wellness-washing' policy and only provide the essential expertise to hold you accountable and keep you smarter.


It’s not just about WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know. With fellow members you’ll find the support, motivation, accountability and connections you need to thrive.


Get matched with your ideal wellbeing bestie, your next bold-self partner or simply a friendly face to keep you on track.


Ask questions and get answers on what you’re learning or implementing in your lifestyle so that you can create momentum and keep moving forward. Make suggestions as to what content you’d like to help you progress. 



Create friendships, collaborate, motivate and share your health progress and achievements.


We’re here to answer your questions and guide you along your journey to a bold wellbeing. 


What A Bold Club Lady Gets

Catapult Your Unique Wellbeing And Thrive!

We're Going On A Metamorphosis Together

Still not sure what you want for yourself? Or even if the Bold-Self Ladies Club is for you. Then take the next right step to get it done and figure it out, but let’s do it together. I’ve created a really helpful workbook guide that will take you through the process step-by-step, so you can figure out your ONE QUESTION. This is the ONE question to ask yourself daily, that I believe is your most powerful resilience builder and will help you push through even the darkest of times. 

To claim your free workbook guide, simply visit my blog post on

Remember, you’re not alone. Don’t be afraid to strive for the best to reach that BOLD YOU


You are so BOLD and BRAVE! Don’t you agree? Because you’re about to be bolder and grittier than ever right now. But you certainly don’t have to grit-it-out alone! I want to invite you to join me as a Founding Member of The Bold-Self Ladies Club. This is a ONE-TIME offer and SPECIAL PRICE for you uniquely. You will be guaranteed in at the LOWEST-EVER offer for this membership platform. When I offer this to the general public, the price will increase, but your rate will always stay at the lowest rate as a Founding Member. So take this opportunity to invest in your wellbeing. It’s time.

Plus, I am hoping as a Founding Lady you will share your story with us and help me to build this incredible transformation community. You get to help me to shape the direction of the Bold-Self Ladies Club. I want your feedback. I want your ideas. During the early days is exactly when most of that shaping will happen and you will have a tremendous influence over the direction that we will take this. I want to give you this opportunity to help this platform grow as you grow, so we can progress together. 

Become a Bold-Self Lady and let us morph and transform together! Rather get life done with 24/7 support at your fingertips. 

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This price is locked in for you forever. So when the price increases for everyone else, you can benefit from the Bold-Self Club at the lowest ever price. Your price will never increase, as long as you are a Founding Bold-Self Lady.