Be Flexible To Effortlessly Overcome Unpredictable Hormones And Match Your Mood With Exercise In 1 Shot

by Skye Kimberley Mallon

Be flexible in your approach to anything in life and I believe you’ve got a winning formula. However, when it comes to exercise you need to be even more flexible. For the entire month of September, we’ve covered what it means to be flexible with exercise and how to do it effortlessly. However, it takes a lot of practice and trying out new kinds of exercise to figure out how to be flexible and know what’s right for you.

Why? This is because women are intricate beings and our bodies have highly sensitive receptors. Usually, we’re affected by our environment and our mindset, and then how those make us feel. That’s why it’s highly important to understand the science behind what we do, but also to tune into our intuitions. Particularly when it comes to our hormones, stress levels, mindsets, and lifestyles.

Understanding how to match exercise to your mood can help you remain healthy forever. Better yet, knowing how to do this correctly will allow you to effortlessly overcome unpredictable hormones harmoniously. And I mean with whatever activity it is you’re doing or want to do.

This month is all about learning how to be flexible in our approach, to avoid giving up or not exercising at all. It’s also about figuring out how to be flexible, yet consistent with your fitness routine. There’s a fine line, which is why I want to talk more about it. I know that I’ve struggled to find a good balance between healthy exercise and a happy lifestyle, so I’m sure many women can also relate.

Be Flexible To Be Consistent

This is a big topic, but really important to discuss. Let’s face it there are two things many women struggle with. One is being able to do the correct exercise consistently. Two is to figure out how they can use exercise to balance and create ‘hormone harmony.’ A term I like to use to describe the perfect balance or happy, feel-good hormones in the body.

be flexible to achieve hormone harmony [skyezee fashionfit]

Women are intricate beings and we’re highly susceptible to our environment and the activities we engage in. This actually gives women extreme power! Because when we can understand what our bodies respond to best (in this case the kinds of exercise) we can maximize our health mentally, emotionally, and physically. As I said, to be flexible and connected to ourselves holistically takes a lot of trial and error and practice. So don’t be frustrated with yourself if you don’t get it right the first time.

Also, a lot of women are experiencing hormonal issues without even realizing it. Or, maybe they do but don’t know how to improve their situation. So, that’s why talking about exercise is important. I want you to understand how it can work in your favor, and why you should adopt a ‘be flexible approach’ rather than a rigid or extreme routine.

Learn The Art Of Listening And Experimentation

I spoke with Courtenay Davis who is a qualified Sports Scientist and is in the process of completing her Master’s. With competing in provincial and varsity-level sport, she understands the pressures of trying to stay on top of everything when it comes to training, studying, working, and still having a social life.

Courtenay has a passion for all things fitness and helping others find the right balance to create and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Then, we were also joined by Neil du Plessis who is an avid Functional Training Specialist. He has podiumed in elite CrossFit competitions and in South African National Senior Championships as a weightlifter. However, 95% of his clients are women, and is knows how to work smart when time is in short supply and what it takes to change your body no matter what your goal.

Both provided incredible insight, education, and tools to use in our daily lives as women. So that we can learn how to be flexible in our approach, achieve hormone harmony, and enjoy an active lifestyle.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Anybody can tell you to be flexible with anything and you can answer, ‘ahh okay.’ This is because it’s actually more difficult to figure out how to be flexible and balanced in your approach than it is to be extreme or not doing it whatsoever. This is why all three of us emphasize the importance of seeking out the knowledge and tools to find out what your ‘happy medium’ is. As well as not being afraid to go to new fitness classes or trying out different workouts so you can find out how they make you feel afterward. That way when you’re feeling ‘off’ or ‘moody’ you’ll know what kind of exercise will make you feel good.

For example, if you’re on your period and you’re experiencing cramping. Or maybe you’ve got PCOS and you’re feeling exceptionally bloated. There are specific kinds of exercises that can help you reduce the discomfort and even make you more regular. It’s just that initial mindset that needs a refresh, especially if you’re not used to exercising and every time you think of it you’re put off. We believe this is because you’ve only tried one or two kinds of exercise and those were probably not the right ones for you.

There’s absolutely no point in running if you hate running. Likewise, it’s pointless to do weight lifting if it feels uncomfortable and puts you in a bad mood afterward. But maybe you enjoy hiking and yoga in the park? Then do that! Because at least you can be flexible and consistent with it for the long-term. The plus is you’ll also be triggering all those happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine to the brain! Whatever you enjoy, that gets you moving throughout the week for your health is good work.

Match Your Mood To Exercise

Essentially our goal in the talk is to educate the Boldest-Self Ladies about how they can empty their bodies of all stress. And then how to trigger the release of feel-good happy hormones (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin) to create ‘hormone harmony’ through exercise.

be flexible with exercise for balanced hormones [skyezee fashionfit]

Often I find that women might not even get to the point of trying to be flexible because they’re too afraid to start. Others are only focused on the long-term goal and not on all the short term goals, so they’re going in all or nothing.

Then there are some ladies, who might engage in physical activity (perhaps the wrong kind) and they feel worse afterward, so they avoid it altogether. It’s important to bear in mind that if you’re brand new to exercise, there will be a little bit of discomfort initially like sore muscles and maybe a stiff body. However, with some consistency, you’ll start to feel more energized and stronger.

  • Listen to what your body is telling you.
  • What mood are you in? Are you happy, sad, angry, grumpy, frustrated, lazy, exhausted?
  • Now match the exercise to the emotion.

But if you’re just in a mood, then the first step is to realize that we’re human and it’s impossible to feel on top of the world every day. Also, with hormonal changes, mental health, and emotions we might not feel up to doing a specific kind of exercise. Most times, it’s easy to be inflexible and force yourself to do whatever you had planned for that day. Or, you might not want to be flexible at all so you give up on the idea of exercising entirely. Here’s where the trick comes in.

For example, when I am feeling frustrated a really good session of boxing or kickboxing gets it all out! But if I went and lifted weights that would’ve just made me feel more irritated and sore.

Why Won’t The Scale Budge?

In the talk, Courtenay gives the best advice and say through the scales away! Because you cannot rely on them. Also, Neil suggests using progress photographs taken over time because this helps you to see yourself through another eye.

But I also believe that it’s important to learn about your body and how it works so we know how to be flexible in the right ways. You shouldn’t do everything that makes your body feel like crap, just because another fitness influencer or your best friend is doing it. You should do what makes you feel healthy, energetic and happy. Also, if you’re going through an exceptionally stressful point in your life, then be careful with the exercise you choose.

Exercise raises your stress levels, and if you’re already very stressed then you’re only going to do more harm than good. That’s why it’s good to experiment with other forms of less stressful exercises like Pilates or Yoga so that you can be flexible to switch it for one of those instead. So it doesn’t mean you have to do nothing, it just means being flexible and choosing smartly, as well as listening to your body to be healthy.

The truth is that our weight is always fluctuating depending on where we are throughout the month. But if you know how to be flexible you can focus your attention on what makes you feel the best to get the best results out of it.

To watch the full Expert Talk with Courtenay, Neil, and I and other talks join like-minded women on this amazing interactive platform and community. Become a Boldest-Self Lady!

It’s understandable to feel really STUCK along the way. And I know how badly you want to just ‘get there.’ You want that perfect body NOW. Or to feel beautiful and fit NOW. Maybe you want to be the perfect mom? Perhaps you want to own a high-ticket business and still be able to cook amazingly healthy meals every night?

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