6 Reasons Why Women Need BODYTEC For Healthy Ageing

by Skye Kimberley Mallon

BODYTEC is a wonderful strength training method that can take the time and stress factors out of exercise.

Every woman experiences physical, hormonal, mental, and emotional changes throughout her life. Our bodies constantly fluctuate depending on the time of the month, giving birth, stress, menopause, and lifestyle changes. In my opinion, one of the most challenging parts of being a woman is accepting that our bodies change as we age whether it’s for better or for worse. The common issue is losing muscle mass due to hormonal shifts and lifestyle factors which have a massive impact on our metabolism, mood, sleep, energy level, and weight.

Not to mention the thought of psyching ourselves up to get to the weights section in a gym which not only takes hours every week but also a lot of mental strength. Besides, you need to be consistent with conventional weight training for a long time to see physical changes and some of us might not have that amount of time or dedication to give towards exercise.

The good news is you can adopt lifestyle changes to help cope with the changes occurring in your body.

Read on for why EMS training is your best bet for fitness and stress reduction during hormonal shifts, post-pregnancy, menopause, busy schedules, or unexpected lifestyle changes.

BODYTEC And Why EMS Is Important

That’s when BODYTEC EMS Strength Training comes in handy! I found them, and realised that when my life gets too chaotic and I can’t find the time nor the motivation to train at the gym – I’ve got my quick 20-minute BODYTEC strength workout to depend on.

‼️ All you’ve got to do is show up once a week, for 20 minutes. Get your Complimentary Trial (valued at R195.00*) by filling in your details here, I’ve only got 50 to giveaway today. 🥳 ‼️

What Is EMS And How Does It Work?

In case you haven’t heard of it before, EMS training is a form of muscle stimulation using electric impulses that trigger various reactions in your body. The most common reaction is an intense and strong muscle contraction.

At BODYTEC their focus is full-body strength training by stimulating high-intensity muscle contractions at 4-second intervals with the use of the medically certified Miha Bodytec EMS device. EMS training allows up to 90% of muscles to be activated simultaneously, with the contractions reaching a much higher intensity than those done voluntarily. These impulses are combined with traditional low-impact exercises for an intense full-body workout.

How Does It Work?

The BODYTEC EMS ‘suit’ is slightly dampened and worn over specially designed training clothes. The EMS electrodes are placed directly above the muscle and a cord connects the suit to a console.

A qualified trainer will match the EMS frequency and settings to your individual needs; this is accompanied by different sensations beneath the padded and strapped surfaces. You are then guided through a 20-minute full-body strength training session consisting of standard exercises like squats, lunges, bicep curls, shoulder extensions, and more. Although they are typically low-impact exercises done in a slow and controlled manner, the challenge of increasing muscle contractions turns them into a high-intensity strength workout.

I love it because you only need to ONE session per week and it boasts similar lean muscle building and fat loss results to hours of conventional weight training in a gym.

The Benefits of BODYTEC For Women

1. Targets Problem Areas

BODYTEC for Women Menopause and Post Pregnancy  [Skyezee FashionFit]

Personally, I love BODYTEC as it effectively targets those stubborn areas and helps to smooth and tighten the skin wonderfully.

You’re able to exercise your entire body simultaneously and research shows how EMS strength training is much more effective than regular strength exercises when compared one-for-one. This means increased fitness, toning, strength, and endurance in less time – 20 minutes a week is all you need! There are no more excuses of time or busy schedules or even motivation since you only need to show up once per week.

Whilst results vary from woman to woman, you can usually expect to see and feel a difference within six to eight consecutive (weekly) training sessions.

2. Strengthen Your Core Post-Pregnancy

Giving birth is no joke, stretch marks, loss of strength and endurance, muscle, sensitive breasts, incontinence, lower back pain, lengthening and separation of abdominal muscles, lack of energy are only some of the lovely surprises mother nature brings.

Nine months of carrying a baby take a toll on our bodies. Luckily, BODYTEC can help provide the relief you’re seeking. Consistently doing EMS strength training not only strengthens muscles but enhances body physique, improves your mood, increases vitality, body stability, and stamina.

Although I am not a mom, I’ve found many studies that show how EMS training can improve urinary incontinence. Also, my abdominal muscles have never been stronger since training at BODYTEC. For most women after pregnancy, a high focus should be placed on strengthening the abdominals, pelvic floor, and overall core muscles. The entire workout is low impact so sensitive breast won’t be an issue.

However, BODYTEC does recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before starting formal exercise if you’ve had a natural birth and 8 – 12 weeks for surgical births.

3. Alleviate Symptoms Of Menopause

According to research, weight gain and muscle loss are some of the main symptoms of menopause. This is why we need to keep our bodies strong throughout. Better yet, regular exercise helps ease ‘the transition’ by relieving stress and improving your overall quality of life.

Strength training is especially vital because your osteoporosis risk skyrockets following menopause (estrogen is needed to help lay down bone). However, I do understand that many ladies might not have the time nor discipline to weight train at a gym every day. That’s why I recommend BODYTEC EMS Strength training exercises to help build bone and muscle strength, burn body fat, and rev up your metabolism.

BODYTEC is also super relaxing since you don’t have to think hard about the reps, sets, intensity, or exercises because a personal trainer does all of that for you. The workout itself is challenging, but it’s over with so quickly.

‼️ All you’ve got to do is show up once a week, for 20 minutes. Get your Complimentary Trial (valued at R195.00*) by filling in your details here, I’ve only got 50 to giveaway today. 🥳 ‼️

4. Reduce Back Pain

BODYTEC EMS training allows you to improve your posture, balance, and reduce back pain. EMS training has its roots in the medical field and was initially used to help patients in their recovery from injuries or to help with the reduction of pain-related symptoms.

The research found whole-Body EMS training to be time-saving, low impact, an effective training method for reducing non-specific lower back pain compared to no training.

5. A Healthy Body And Lifestyle

Personally, I love EMS training because it has effectively improved my strength, endurance, and speed in my daily activities.

Obviously, you can’t avoid injuries but I have to say that there’s no exercise safer than BODYTEC. It’s honestly assisted me in protecting my body from injuries.

Also you’ll feel amazing! It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel good. Consistent BODYTEC EMS training will help improve your overall health and put a spring in your step.

6. All You Need Is 20 Minutes A Week

If you can’t find 20 minutes then how will you do anything?

You’ll get a full-body strength session with BODYTEC where every muscle is activated, which means only one session per week is sufficient. Although I would recommend pairing it with some light cardio like my Jump Fit Program.

So ladies, ‼️ All you’ve got to do is show up once a week, for 20 minutes. Get your Complimentary Trial (valued at R195.00*) by filling in your details below, I’ve only got 50 to giveaway today. 🥳 ‼️

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