16 Ultimate Women’s Health Tips For The Mind, Body, And Soul To Confidently Look And Feel Beautiful For Longer in 2021

by Skye Kimberley Mallon

Think of this as the ultimate women’s health tips guide for a longer, healthier, and happier life. I’m covering everything from your heart health to your exercise routine, to your social life and beauty routine, and most importantly, establishing a healthy mind.

This post is dedicated to every strong and beautiful woman who exists and a reminder that we are all warriors and have the ability to create our own realities, healthy lives, and dreams. We’re not victims, but leaders in our own creations, deepest desires, and visions.

However, could the isolation of lockdown be the reason why so many of us are feeling less confident in ourselves? Perhaps spending so much time alone during the pandemic has taken a toll on our self-esteem. You’re not the only one. But since it’s women’s month, I figured we could all use a booster so I hope this ultimate women’s health tips guide does just that.

Ultimate Women’s Health Tips Guide

Are you living with high stress and anxiety levels or chronic illness that makes it almost impossible to accomplish anything on your endless to-do list?

As the self-assured woman you are, I hope you realise that you should be making your health a bigger priority, yet it always seems to take a backseat…

There are work deadlines, meetings, household chores, children, appointments, personal commitments, and projects. It all seems so overwhelming and endless.

After all, we’re only human.

Whilst this is true, we’ve all got an inner Warrior who never yields to adversity.

As a woman, the world sets you up for unrelenting expectations that you never quite feel you’re meeting. Don’t let it win, because you’re doing exceptionally well and sometimes we’ve just got to accept that our lists are always going to be endless.

Here’s How To Be A Healthy & Confident Women

Whether you are a young working woman, a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a best friend you are likely to find yourself in the role of taking care of everyone else around you. As women, we’re naturally prone to be the nurturer. But in doing this, we forget to make ourselves a priority. 

For a quick and semi-comprehensive breakdown of some easy tips that you can implement into your day, look no further than these 16 ultimate women’s health tips for the mind, body, and soul below.

Ultimate Women’s Health Tips Explained

Step one to being a healthy woman is prioritising your self-care and micro-habits that can affect your health and well-being in the long run. What is a Micro-Habit? Micro habits are actions that require minimal motivation or effort to complete. The idea is over time; a micro habit will slowly build on top of itself and result in something significant.

Don’t forget that we’re also social creatures by nature so it’s no surprise that the pandemic has taken a toll on our collective mental health. Feelings of loneliness, restriction, claustrophobia, and increased stress due to blurred work/life boundaries while working at home have put a strain on us all.

And not being able to see our friends as often as we’d like prevents us from receiving that extra validation or reassurance. This unfortunately can knock at our self-esteem, because even though we shouldn’t rely on external validation, it does help us receive a quick boost of confidence. Also, not having continual feedback can leave us feeling quite insecure. That’s why my ultimate women’s health tips will help you so much!

Don’t stress because it’s a humble reminder that external validation isn’t the answer to long-term happiness and confidence and that we need to find it from within.

You Cannot Be The Best Version Of Yourself For Others Until You Have Taken Care Of Yourself First

So if anything, self-care is your key takeaway from these 16 ultimate women’s health tips. When you’re at your best, it reflects on those around you. Staying healthy means that your body is full of energy, your heart is happy and your mind is strong.

That’s why I never state that health and well-being are constituted of only one aspect because there are four main aspects: women’s health for your mind, soul (your heart/essence), body, and spirit (your higher guidance system).

Ultimate Women’s Health Tips For The Body

1. Create Healthy Habits

To get healthier you need to encourage healthy habits that will improve your lifestyle. However, you can’t only focus on one temporary aspect of your life. In other words, I’m encouraging you to start tackling the micro-daily habits in your routine.

This takes time, so the change won’t happen instantly and you will need to do one at a time to not overwhelm yourself. Why? Because these ultimate women’s health tips and habits take a long time to create, but they happen faster when you keep repeating them. It won’t happen overnight, so start slow and be patient.

2. Use Eco-Friendly, Natural, Vegan Beauty Products

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and believe it or not, whatever you apply to it gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Also, if you enjoy wearing eye makeup then note that the chemicals from your long-wear mascara or eyeliner can contribute to eye allergies, dry eye, gland oil secretion, and even eye disease. Look here for natural eye makeup tips.

ultimate women's health tips guide [skyezee fashionfit]

And if you love wearing lipstick or gloss then bear in mind that you ingest most of the PFA’s, leads, or heavy metals that many conventional lipsticks contain. I couldn’t resist sharing my two most favourite lipstick shades with you in this ultimate women’s health tips guide!

Here’s How I Choose Lipstick:
  • Look for a cruelty-free, vegan, local and eco-friendly brand that’s committed to nourishing your health.
  • Choose natural ingredients like Carnube, Candelilla and Beeswax which are very nourishing and moisturising.
  • Vitamin E, Mica, Iron Oxide and trace amounts of Titanium Dioxide are also fine.
  • Vitamin E acts as a preservative but it encourages healing whilst keeping your lips soft and moist.
  • I recommend finding a lipstick with a Smooth and Silky texture.

Give this gorgeous Candy Pink or Lipstick Plum a try!

Use my discount code: Inthuse-Skye15 for 15% off any Inthusiasm Makeup product your heart desires! (This is the makeup brand I use, because everything is as natural and organic as I can find.)

3. Choose Food From Nature

You can’t have an ultimate women’s health tips guide without mentioning dietary choices.

Processed foods do not affect your body positively. For the sake of this ultimate women’s health tips guide, I recommend staying away from concentrated food items. For example, white sugar, salt, saturated fats, or oils.

Your best bet is to choose foods that are directly from nature because they provide the body with unadulterated nutrients and reduce the risk of illnesses, infections, allergies, or fatigue.

4. Sleep Enough For Better Health

Sleep allows our bodies to reset and rewire our entire systems which is why we need it in this ultimate women’s health tips guide. It also gives your central nervous system time to reboot so you’re able to rewire your information systems and chemicals to ensure regulation of your moods and emotions.

ultimate women's health tips guide [skyezee fashionfit]

Most doctors recommend 7-8 hours of sleep, but I believe it depends hugely on the individual and how active you are throughout your day. Try to tune into your body and figure out what works best for you. Set sleep reminders if you must.

Also, sleeping enough keeps your mind sharp and reduces anxiety.

5. Stimulate Your Lymphatic System

There are many ways to do this whether it’s through exercise, massage, or cold showers, and dry brushing. I’d highly recommend increasing the blood flow throughout your body because it encourages your body’s natural detoxification processes which can help lift your energy, boost your mood, promote a healthy weight and overall vitality.

My favourite way to get my lymphatic glands detoxing is to jump rope, dry brush, go for a massage, have a cold shower, or do Budokon Yoga.

Be sure to bookmark this ultimate women’s health tips guide so you don’t forget how to stay on track!

Ultimate Women’s Health Tips For The Mind

6. Meditation

I cannot emphasize this one enough. Trust me, I know how challenging it seems to take time out of our busy lives to sit in complete stillness for 15-20 minutes. That’s why you’ve got this ultimate women’s health tips guide. It’ll help remind you to try it for a couple of days a week and then every day because it gets easier.

ultimate women's health tips guide [skyezee fashionfit]

I used to struggle to dial down my emotions and thoughts and still do, which would make me very frustrated or anxious. But then I realised that meditation is not about blocking your thoughts, it’s about allowing them to flow in and out of your mind and then focusing on tuning into your listening skills. By this, I mean listening to your surrounding noises, your sense of smell, taste, and sensations. Also, focus on breathing naturally and calmly.

Give my 15-minute Guided Meditation a try. It helps to have somebody guide you through it at first.

7. Enjoy A Chat

Since Covid, we’ve all somehow lost touch with our social skills a bit. I had to mention this in our ultimate women’s health tips guide. It might feel awkward or difficult to put yourself out there again, but it is imperative that we get regular social interaction.

ultimate women's health tips guide [skyezee fashionfit]

Chatting to someone is a wonderful way to process difficult emotions. In addition, when we build meaningful relationships we give our self-esteem and memory a much-needed boost.

It’s not good to keep your emotions and thoughts entirely to yourself because this can lead you to explosion later on. If friends are far and few between, I suggest joining group activities or talk therapy sessions to help give you the tools to deal with future challenges.

8. Reduce Stress

Today circumstances are very uncertain and our stress levels are far too high which motivated me to write this women’s health tips guide. Prolonged emotional stress causes the immune system to weaken and can cause high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and even heart disease.

Since this is the ultimate women’s health tips guide, I recommend that you find anything you can enjoy which makes you feel relaxed. Personally, I find it incredibly helpful to get enough quality sleep, to get in daily movement, meditation, deep breathing and even finding ways to laugh or dance to my favourite music.

Women tend to stress easily because it’s in our nature to want to problem-solve but certain things are simply out of our control. This is why stress is unavoidable, but you can choose to make mindful practice and habits part of your daily routine to help reduce potential triggers.

ultimate women's health tips guide [skyezee fashionfit]

9. Laugh More

When you’re feeling sad, think about the last time you laughed really hard. Laughing has profound effects on our overall health which is why it made its way into my ultimate women’s health tips guide.

Research has found that laughter can help relieve pain, bring greater happiness, and even increase immunity. So, watch a funny movie, visit your funniest friends, listen to funny podcasts or watch a hilarious stand-up comedy show on Netflix.

10. Have Sex

According to sexual health expert, Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD., “Sexually active people take fewer sick days” – and that’s not all. I definitely couldn’t leave this one out of the women’s health tips guide.

Sex has many health benefits including lowering the risk of heart attack, lessening pain, and improving women’s bladder control

Ultimate Women’s Health Tips For The Heart & Soul

11. Stay Fit

As a passionate mover, I highly recommend ensuring that you maintain a fit body – not only for your heart health and physical well-being but for your soul and mental health. The majority of the time, when I choose to move it’s not because I want to look a certain way, it’s because I know it’ll make me feel amazing and ready to take on the day ahead. If you’re not sure how to get started then check out my tips here.

ultimate women's health tips guide [skyezee fashionfit]

Besides, a sedentary lifestyle increases your likelihood of getting coronary heart disease. Movement is one of the ultimate women’s health tips for the heart, mind, and body. 

To improve heart health, aim to exercise a minimum of 150 minutes per week. Whether it is taking a walk, running, skipping, or hitting the gym every once in a while, every little action counts.

12. Reduce The Salt

Every human needs a certain amount of salt in their diet to function optimally. However, as women, we need to be cautious about how much salt we’re eating because a lot of restaurant cooking or takeaways contain high amounts of sodium which is damaging for our health.

Salt increases blood pressure, which then predisposes you to heart disease and stroke. To reduce your sodium, try using natural alternatives like garlic, nutritional yeast, or onion powder.

Also, keep an eye on food labels to see how much salt is in the processed foods you’re eating. (Foods with more than 1.5g salt or 0.6g sodium per 100g are considered high).

The recommended maximum daily intake of salt is 6g for adults and 3g for children (2.5g of salt is the equivalent of 1g of sodium).

13. Limit Alcohol

Alcohol is great in moderation, but in this ultimate women’s health tips guide, I encourage you to try and monitor your consumption.

Too much alcohol is responsible for the deterioration of heart muscles, which affects normal rhythms and raises blood pressure.

ultimate women's health tips guide [skyezee fashionfit]

It can also seriously mess up our hormones and sleeping patterns which can contribute to depression, anxiety, and mood swings.

Keeping your daily alcohol intake at a maximum of three units per week may help you avoid the ill effects.

14. Go For Your Check-Up’s

We’re all guilty of avoiding our doctor’s visits, but they really are so important especially if we want to stay on top of illnesses like breast or ovarian cancer.

Regular doctor’s visits are good for you because they can keep track of any developments and changes in your health. Stay on top of your appointments and don’t let the fear of a diagnosis hold you back from finding out answers.

15. Stop Smoking

I know stress gets the better of us sometimes, but there are so many other more mindful practices we can use instead of smoking. I stated them above.

Smoking is one of the most detrimental habits to heart health because it increases blood pressure and the probability of a heart attack. Additionally, smoking reduces your blood’s affinity for oxygen and essentially lowers your heart’s effectiveness.

Smokers are almost twice as likely to have a heart attack compared with those who have never smoked. One of the best things that you can do for heart health today, is to quit smoking.

16. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Increasing your weight increases the workload on your heart which doesn’t promote longevity and healthy ageing. Consequently, obese individuals are more likely to develop heart complications than those with average weight.

ultimate women's health tips guide [skyezee fashionfit]

You can keep your weight down by eating healthy, exercising, and staying away from alcohol. I try to stay away from sugar and saturated fats and eat more fruit and vegetables. Also, getting more movement can help you lose extra weight and keep it off.


In my opinion, these ultimate women’s health tips for the mind, body, and soul are some of the best things that you can do to support a healthy lifestyle that promotes confidence and longevity.

Don’t forget that you can’t be the person you want to be without loving yourself first. Give some of them a try, and your body will thank you for it.

Did I forget anything? Let me know in the contact form below!

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