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THE healthchild BEHIND “skyezee fashionfit.”

Hey you! I’m Skye, your Personal Well-Being Coach.

Living your longest, happiest, healthiest lifestyle and learning how to truly take care of your body and mind, holistically, is my specialty. More importantly, to help you stay consistent so that you are successful at whatever you aim to achieve. If you’ve been misled by fad diets, false marketing, fitness images and unrealistic beauty standards, I’m here to help!

I’m a qualified Fashion Journalist, Stylist, and Trends Forecaster. I am a Health and Fitness journalist for wellness magazine, Longevity. A Yoga Teacher and Life Coach in training, I’m experienced in Exercise and Jump Rope Coaching, Movement, Mindfulness, and Nutrition. I also own a Bodytec studio and help others achieve their goals daily. Nothing makes me feel more alive than being on-top of my health, because your greatest confidence-builder begins within. I am an adventure seeking girl who has taken bold leaps of faith and risks in a short space of time. This has led me to face many challenging experiences at a young age, so I know what it’s like to feel ‘stuck.’ But I also know that defining your ‘ONE QUESTION’ is the most powerful asset to establishing true grit and determination, so you can conquer anything you wish to achieve.

I’ll help you get your BOLDEST self and LIFE back!

You Tell Me What Would Help You The Most Right Now.

we're going to go on a metamorphosis together

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Bold-self Ladies club

Be one of the first-ever Boldest-Self Ladies!

You never need to feel alone again! An interactive, comfy and caring space to connect all like-minded women, like you and I, and share with you how to truly take care of your well-being, HOLISTICALLY and CONSISTENTLY!

I want to help and inspire EVERY women around the world to reach their best, most satisfied, confident, healthiest, happiest and BOLDEST Self!

Together we will strive to figure out our ONE QUESTION to master EXCELLENCE in all that we DESIRE in living our BOLDEST life. 



When it comes to my brand, I frequently get asked how “Skyezee FashionFit” became a reality. To be honest,  the whole concept has taken time, years basically. It’s become my baby and as I’ve gone through life, the brand has evolved with me. We’ve had up’s and down’s and gone through a metamorphosis together. Like a butterfly and caterpillar do. A few years back, I was about nineteen, I decided to change my entire lifestyle by getting fit, eating healthy and looking stylish. I got what I wanted and worked day in and day out to be the best version of myself. I set out to do crazy things like venture to Kenya to live there for six months, lose tons of weight to sell fitness programs and cut out essential food groups. 

I was extremely passionate about wellness, looking and feeling your best and experiencing life. I have an undying need to help others heal too. Sometimes my passion got so extreme, that it worked to my own detriment.  We must be careful not to underestimate the importance of balance and mental health in an effort to achieve our goals. I started inspiring others and building a following. However, along the way I began making unhealthy comparisons, setting unrealistic goals, working to the bone, messing up my relationship with food and developing an exercise addiction. I even experienced burn out from working and doing too much at once. I lost my period and was finally diagnosed with an Eating Disorder and Depression.

That’s when I asked, “what’s is wrong with me??” I set out on a quest to fix myself once and for all… (read more below!)


get your crossrope

A fun workout you can do anywhere, even at home.

Maximise it with these different weighted jump ropes.

Keeping your body active is an important aspect of living a long and healthy lifestyle. So long as you’re doing it with love, not force. This is why I love the jump rope workout, because it gives you the freedom to pursue your fitness goals on your own terms.


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Leave your email and I’ll give you more reason to STRIVE for the BEST ways to THRIVE in your BOLDEST SELF. A weekly dose of motivation, inspiration, and a reminder to stay consistent and persevere because your GOALS MATTER, your HEALTH MATTERS, your STORY matters and YOU matter. But you shouldn’t ever have to go at it alone. 

Fashion Fit


Motivational Fitness jewellery to inspire and push you!

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be flexible in your approach to exercise [skyezee fashionfit]

Be Flexible To Effortlessly Overcome Unpredictable Hormones And Match Your Mood With Exercise In 1 Shot

Be flexible in your approach to anything in life and I believe you’ve got a winning formula. However, when it comes to exercise you need to be even more flexible. For the entire month of September, we’ve covered what it means to be flexible with exercise and how to do it effortlessly. However, it takes a lot of practice and trying out new kinds of exercise to figure out how to be flexible and know what’s right for you.

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Skye sitting on the Golden Beach in Kenya [skyezeefashionfit]
Skye Selfie [skyezeefashionfit]
Skye strength training [skyezeefashionfit]

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Transformation, Romans 12:2

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Things have been uncertain and rocky, but that's not forever. It doesn't define me. I am not those things that happened. Today I choose FREEDOM. I choose to feel 100% free from those things and from me. Today I choose to feel content with all that I do have. Because what I have is a lot and it's all leading to so much more freedom. 💫🧡

I trust the universe and thank it today, because its put me here to learn the biggest lesson of all, the hardest one, but the most life changing one. To be my own best friend.

Whatever it is you're feeling this week. Be it good, bad or in between. Get ready to take ownership of everything you own and free yourself of judgement or criticism, and take small steps forward with patience, persistence and grace. ☺
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Preparing for a new week always makes me feel a little nervous, but also excited. Mondays are like a new chapter each week, but at the same time you know it means business. 💕 But with Spring in the air, I can smell new beginnings and a chance for us all to press the reset button, to try new things and meet new people.

Inside the Boldest-Self Ladies Club this September, we've just started a brand new #SpringFitChallenge for some extra inspiration to make our bodies healthier and stronger, so we can feel more confident and capable of being successful at whatever goal or dream we're each working towards.

I offer a weekly live, virtual workout to the ladies in the club. But I am opening it up to you, because staying fit should be easy and accessible to us all. Please send me your email address right now, if youd like to join one of our virtual workout classes. They happen every Wednesday at 07.30 am SAST. (LADIES ONLY 🚺 PLEASE.) 💜😊 XXX
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Achieving your dreams or goals is bloody hard. But accepting help and the opportunity to have the support and constant knowledge to keep fighting helps a lot! There's no point in going solo the whole way, ahh says Skye! 😋😅 (We're all guilty of this.)

For the entire month of August, we took an in-depth look into understanding how nutrition works and why it forms an integral part of our routine. However, creating a daily routine that's healthy and balanced requires lots of changes and consistency, which can be difficult and overwhelming. So we also had discussions around how to cope with change. If anything, our well-being depends on these three things right now. 🌺💜

I was lucky enough for the opportunity to connect with yet another powerful and like-minded woman, @jennirivett who was Princess Diana's personal trainer for 7 years! 🤩 We had a very insightful and deep conversation about these topics. Jenni spoke about her personal mantra for staying consistent, what a healthy daily routine looks like, how to exercise like a woman, how to approach nutrition, sleep health, creating new habits, and the importance of self-care. 🌞

Now the Boldest-Self Ladies and I are on top of our routines. 🤩 If you'd like access to these monthly Expert Talks to ensure a thriving, bold well-being then come join us inside the Ladies Club by visiting the link in my bio. 💜😄🌺 PLUS score a free morning routine checklist. xxx

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