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Hey you! I’m Skye, your Personal Well-Being Coach.

Living your longest, happiest, healthiest lifestyle and learning how to truly take care of your body and mind, holistically, is my specialty. More importantly, to help you stay consistent so that you are successful at whatever you aim to achieve. If you’ve been misled by fad diets, false marketing, fitness images and unrealistic beauty standards, I’m here to help!

I’m a qualified Fashion Journalist, Stylist, and Trends Forecaster. I am a Health and Fitness journalist for wellness magazine, Longevity. A Yoga Teacher and Life Coach in training, I’m experienced in Exercise and Jump Rope Coaching, Movement, Mindfulness, and Nutrition. I also own a Bodytec studio and help others achieve their goals daily. Nothing makes me feel more alive than being on-top of my health, because your greatest confidence-builder begins within. I am an adventure seeking girl who has taken bold leaps of faith and risks in a short space of time. This has led me to face many challenging experiences at a young age, so I know what it’s like to feel ‘stuck.’ But I also know that defining your ‘ONE QUESTION’ is the most powerful asset to establishing true grit and determination, so you can conquer anything you wish to achieve.

I’ll help you get your BOLDEST self and LIFE back!

You Tell Me What Would Help You The Most Right Now.

we're going to go on a metamorphosis together

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You never need to feel alone again! An interactive, comfy and caring space to connect all like-minded women, like you and I, and share with you how to truly take care of your well-being, HOLISTICALLY and CONSISTENTLY!

I want to help and inspire EVERY women around the world to reach their best, most satisfied, confident, healthiest, happiest and BOLDEST Self!

Together we will strive to figure out our ONE QUESTION to master EXCELLENCE in all that we DESIRE in living our BOLDEST life. 



When it comes to my brand, I frequently get asked how “Skyezee FashionFit” became a reality. To be honest,  the whole concept has taken time, years basically. It’s become my baby and as I’ve gone through life, the brand has evolved with me. We’ve had up’s and down’s and gone through a metamorphosis together. Like a butterfly and caterpillar do. A few years back, I was about nineteen, I decided to change my entire lifestyle by getting fit, eating healthy and looking stylish. I got what I wanted and worked day in and day out to be the best version of myself. I set out to do crazy things like venture to Kenya to live there for six months, lose tons of weight to sell fitness programs and cut out essential food groups. 

I was extremely passionate about wellness, looking and feeling your best and experiencing life. I have an undying need to help others heal too. Sometimes my passion got so extreme, that it worked to my own detriment.  We must be careful not to underestimate the importance of balance and mental health in an effort to achieve our goals. I started inspiring others and building a following. However, along the way I began making unhealthy comparisons, setting unrealistic goals, working to the bone, messing up my relationship with food and developing an exercise addiction. I even experienced burn out from working and doing too much at once. I lost my period and was finally diagnosed with an Eating Disorder and Depression.

That’s when I asked, “what’s is wrong with me??” I set out on a quest to fix myself once and for all… (read more below!)


get your crossrope

A fun workout you can do anywhere, even at home.

Maximise it with these different weighted jump ropes.

Keeping your body active is an important aspect of living a long and healthy lifestyle. So long as you’re doing it with love, not force. This is why I love the jump rope workout, because it gives you the freedom to pursue your fitness goals on your own terms.


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Microbiome Testing To Map A Disease-Free Future

There is a very powerful connection between your gut and your mind. When your gut is ‘out of whack,’ you’ll experience it in your body’s functioning; from moods, to feelings, to thoughts, to cravings and even to behaviours. This test will allow you to identify the role of your gut and specify the exact food your body requires to be healthy. In fact you’ll even learn how certain microorganisms living in your gut interact with your body and will eventually impact your overall health.

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Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Transformation, Romans 12:2

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Do you find yourself often making comparisons? 🤫 I think it's particularly common with us women, and I find myself doing it too. I went through a very difficult phase of my life last year, where I was actually holding myself back to achieving my vision and goals. Why? Because somehow, we have this programming to believe we're not worth it or good enough. 💌

For 3 years, I got stuck with a mentality that I didn't have enough skills to coach, enough qualifications, enough money, enough latest gear, enough trendy Activewear, enough muscle, enough followers, enough talent. Enough, enough, enough. The list goes on and then eventually I had to sit down and think, how long must this self-doubt go on for? The world won't stop, people will keep pursuing their journey. I got trapped and stuck in a place of comparison, and being insanely hard on myself for not being perfect. To the point where I abused myself, my body and starved it…of love, appreciation and gratitude. 🙏

Ladies, we cannot be successul in achieving and mastering excellence at a thriving, bold Well-Being, if we keep calling ourselves failures or making comparisons or questioning our self worth. To be abundant in health, success and freedom we need to open our hearts up to it. We need to be that driving force and have the conviction within ourselves to allow that energy in. 💥💕 Remove the 'I am not worth this' mental block.

Be bold in who you are. #happywomensweekend 💞

#youareworthit but we've got to reframe our mindset to a healthy and BOLD one. If you're feeling alone, demotivated, or filled with self-doubt then come be a part of our Boldest-Self Ladies Club where other women will help hold you accountable and support you in your journey if you need.💜
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Are you living life in waiting mode? Waiting for the right time, waiting to have enough money, waiting for the right place, waiting for more time, waiting to be more qualified, waiting to have it all figured out…Waiting, waiting, waiting, that's all you're doing.

I have been in this space so many times, doubting my abilities, thinking that I am not qualified enough, experienced enough or wise enough to turn my vision into a business reality, because I didn't think I was worth enough for it. 😲

I spent 2 years trying to do as much as possible in a short space of time, trying to prove myself to somebody. That somebody was me at the end. Instead of doing what I was truly here to do, which is to help women feel Bold , Successful and Healthy, I got afraid to communicate that and sell that to my audience. I was in my own way!! 🤭

Point being, we only have this one life and NOW if we want to master excellence and success at our life goals, so we need to assert that today, not tomorrow or next year.💕

Just had to share this with you today just in case you needed a reminder to CHASE YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS.💟

Definitely come and visit my blog about the ONE question you need to ask to figure out your personal reassurance mantra to keep persevering. I have got a transformational workbook guide I'd love to share with you for free. A few ladies in my club have said it's really helped boost them in the right direction.😚 Link is in my bio or drop a comment and I'll send it your way!
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Creating space isn't about saying no to anyone. Its about listening to yourself and saying 'YES' to you.💕💌

I used to feel guilty whenever I said no to somebody or something and chose to say YES to myself instead. I now realise that to be successful and to feel good we must give ourselves a big fat YES.

Sometimes, we need to accept and surrender to the struggle and just let it go.😊💜

Say YES to you!

Feel free to drop in the comments section below what you're saying YES to today to create some space.💕
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#happyearthday🌎 Let's take a moment to think about how our beautiful planet is finally thriving right now. Couldn't have come at a better time. 🦋🌿👌💕 What's your spirit animal? Mines a snow leopard. 😎

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